cleaning-servicesWhat should you look for in a cleaning service? A quick glance at the definition of ‘evaluate’ in the dictionary yields the following result - ‘form an idea of the amount, number, or value of; assess’. Evaluating different cleaning services is recommended, since a service such as this, rendered in an unprofessional and sloppy manner can result in a nightmare. Health and Safety Home safety is a paramount consideration before making almost any day-to-day decision. So, when evaluating cleaning services, you need to check that any products utilized by the company will not cause harm to you or your family. Another item to check off your list would be to find out the environmental friendliness of products used in your home or office environment. Business owners should be sensitive to which products they expose their employees. Always check the credentials of companies that render these services. Probing a company’s knowledge will give you a good idea of their experience and expertise. Quality of Service & Free Consultancy Needless to say, but the quality of a company’s cleaning services should be the deciding factor for most people. Although it could be a difficult conversation if you are dissatisfied with the finished work – what if you’re unhappy then? So, always be sure to check out your prospective cleaning services on the web and any other channels available. The Web is a great way to gather information on prospective service providers, be sure to use it to window shop before making any decisions. Getting them out to assess your place is a great place to start. Many cleaning services will come out for a free consultation.
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Quality of service extends well beyond the job. A cleaning services company should keep the channels of communication open at all stages of work in progress. If they offer any additional consultancy, advice or follow-up phone calls to make sure that you’re one hundred percent happy then you’re definitely onto a winner. Green and Certified Cleaning Environmentally friendly companies make a huge contribution toward minimizing the risks associated with exposing our homes to unsafe cleaning products. To offer green cleaning services, a company must use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals. Beware of those products that are “made in an environmentally friendly way”, but are not ecofriendly themselves. When evaluating cleaning services, ask them to send you a list of the products they use so that you can ensure they are actually green. How Accessible Is Your Cleaning Services? Having close proximity to your cleaning services is great if you’re in the line of business that needs this type of service routinely. You do not want to be charged unnecessary call out fees when you have a potential supplier that is located around the corner from you. The Specialists have branches throughout South Africa that service specific areas, these branches are franchised, owner-run businesses, so you are likely to deal with someone that really cares about your cleaning solution. Find your nearest branch here. Cleaning Services Evaluation Summed Up The decision to employ a company to provide cleaning services catering to your personal or business needs should be a thorough, measured and careful one. In summary, ecofriendly certified cleaning, reputable and trustworthy service, track record and above all quality coupled with additional consultancy or advice are the factors that any potential customer should strongly consider.
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