Bad advice is just as readily available as good advice and spring cleaning is no exception. It is a laborious process already so the last thing you need is a barrage of foolish tips to make things overly complicated. Spring cleaning is a tiresome task so you should aim to make it as simple, yet effective. If one of the main incentives for spring cleaning is ridding your house of unwanted clutter, don’t let yourself become bogged down by bad advice before you even get started. Detailed below are some ill-advised approaches, as well as our tips on how you can learn from them. “Dive in head first” This is a foolish approach. Before long, you’ll find yourself overwhelmed by the task at hand. It is best to focus on one area or task at a time. Contrarily, a systematic plan is needed when tackling your annual spring cleaning. It all starts with a pen and paper. Estimate how much time you will allot to each part of the house and do an inventory check on the cleaning materials you need. This way, you will be well prepared for what is ahead, and adequately stocked with cleaning supplies and tools for the job. “Work from the bottom up and from the outside to the inside” The supposed rationale behind this tip would be that the outside chores are more unpleasant and that they should be done first to get them out of the way. Instead, start with the interior of your house and then tackle the dirtier jobs to avoid traipsing filth into your carpets.
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Similarly, start at the top of the house and at the top of cupboards – you don’t want to be dirtying things you have just cleaned. Dust and clean the ceiling and light fixtures, then do the windows. Then and only then, worry about what’s below them. Once you’ve hit ground level, you will know which areas need further cleaning or professional attention. “Multitask by doing all of your rooms at once” Some people are very good at multitasking, but the majority of us aren't. It is more beneficial to concentrate on one room at a time (or even one area of a room at a time) for the best result. You will finish all of the jobs that you start and seeing sparkling rooms should provide the impetus required to move on to the next task with vigour and purpose. “Have one central disposal area” It is a myth that having one designated bin or receptacle for waste will make your life easier during spring cleaning. In fact, it is advisable that you have a few spread around the house to decrease the amount of time you have to spend spring cleaning. This can also apply to tidying and redecorating – have temporary stations for keeping things before you settle on their final destination in the house. “Do spring cleaning by yourself” Spring cleaning is not a top priority for everyone and in a time-starved world, most people don’t have time to do it. Yet most people take this task upon themselves – when they could rather be spending quality time with friends and family or relaxing on the weekend. There are many companies, like The Specialists, who offer a spring cleaning or deep cleaning service. This means that these jobs can be outsourced while the customer enjoys their leisure time.
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