Managing a commercial property is a big undertaking. Because of the size of most of these buildings, many areas go untreated and dirt accumulates in them over a gradual period.  Numerous people come into contact with various surfaces and they become fouled quickly after being cleaned. Some of these places are hard to reach, not easily visible, or neglected entirely. We’ll discuss some of these hard-to-reach places, as well as areas of a building your professional commercial cleaning services might have otherwise neglected. These criteria should always be considered when you are evaluating the quality of the commercial cleaning services rendered to your building. If these are not being met, seek out a specialist company that will address them adequately. Are your reception areas being cleaned after hours? The area under your receptionist’s desk should not be neglected, even though the person employed might be too busy to move away from the desk for a period of longer than five minutes. The reception area of a building is the place where first impressions are made and the tone is set. Cleaning should be done after hours - the last thing someone wants when waiting in the reception area is to be bombarded with the noise of vacuum cleaners. Heavy-duty mattinan trap as much as eighty percent of all dirt gathered in shoes, according to The Specialists. This nips most of these issues in the bud. Ceilings and ceiling structures are not cleaned frequently enough It is unusual for a cleaning company to pay a lot of attention to structures or accessories above two metres high. These are more difficult to clean via conventional cleaning methods and accumulate more dirt as a result. Ceilings, ceiling fans, light diffusers, solar panels (to power geysers in modern buildings) air ducts and air conditioning units all fall into this category. These hard-of-reach areas typically only get cleaned once they are noticeably dirty - which is too late.
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Dirt, grease, smoke, nicotine and bacteria all lodge themselves on ceilings and ceilings vents over time. You will either notice visible dirt, smell lingering odours or manually have to get up there and inspect it for yourself. Neglect over a period can lead to a buildup of dust, and an unpleasant gooey substance will eventually form if left unclean for too long. Cleaning your ceiling is not as obtrusive a solution as painting it -an expense that can be avoided if regular cleaning is done. also extends the lifespan of your ceiling boards. Compile a detailed checklist of all of these hard-to-reach places. That way you can always monitor if your professional commercial cleaning services are doing an adequate job. Conventional methods do not account for tall windows High windows, interior skylights and the structures above courtyards are too high for conventional cleaning methods. An option for your tall windows is The Specialists’ unique water-fed pole system. This method avoids the use of chemicals that are harmful and known to leave residue on windows. Use recycled water for this if you’d like to adopt a green approach. Low-traffic areas are often neglected Emergency staircases are seldom used and therefore require special individual attention from commercial cleaning services. Distribution board boxes, fire extinguishers and fire hydrant cupboards can also experience gradual dirt build-up as they are typically stored in these low-traffic areas. Basements are very much “out of sight, out of mind” In basements, the minimum cleaning efforts are exerted by many commercial cleaning services. Debris on the floor is swept but worryingly, overhead pipes, fire extinguishers and sewerage pipes are often left to gather dirt. Over time, these develop gooey filth that is incredibly difficult to clean. Compile a checklist of all of these items in your building’s basement so that they are cleaned before this occurs.
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Some parts of buildings are harder to reach than others - this means that over time, they accumulate more dirt. In addition, some sections are forgotten about entirely and as a result they become dirty without being noticed. Be more proactive by seeing to it that your commercial cleaning services company is capable of managing these areas. This will ensure the overall cleanliness of your building.   Image Credit: White Space
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