Most of us harbor lofty ideals about how we want our gardens to look, but when push comes to shove, turning your garden ideas into reality is far trickier than you thought. If you’re after some inspiration that’s easy to implement, read on for our garden ideas that’ll have your green thumb twitching in no time. Adding a personal touch makes gardening more enjoyable Personalising your garden with accents that delight you and only you can be incredibly rewarding. You may want to theme your garden according to the seasons. This way, you’ll have four different versions of the same garden each year. Personalised garden ideas know no bounds – you may want to plant a herb or rose garden that has plaques displaying your name or that of someone close to you. If you’re not sure which garden ideas would work for you, browse through Pinterest or décor magazines and then tailor their garden ideas to your individual tastes and style. Ornaments and furniture can turn a garden into an outdoor sanctuary No-one has ever had a bad time on a swinging bench. (or even a stationary garden bench for that matter.) Include furnishing like sun-loungers or chairs that’ll encourage you to stop and smell the flowers. Add a touch of magic by decorating your patios or benches with fairy lights for a garden that comes alive at night. Another one of our favourite garden ideas is the use of water features – the sound of a babbling fountain is incredibly therapeutic. What’s more, a source of fresh water will attract birds – making your garden a place that all creatures can enjoy. If you’re looking for garden ideas that are family-friendly, collect an array of shells, pebbles or driftwood when you next visit the beach - this is a great way to get kids involved in gardening. If none of these garden ideas are quite what you’re looking for, you may want to invest in a hammock – you’ll be able to enjoy lazy summer afternoons surrounded by nature’s beauty.
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A food-yielding garden is both practical and pleasing to the eye. Be partially-subsistent and plant a vegetable garden. This is one of our favourite garden ideas – it’s incredibly satisfying to eat vegetables grown in your own backyard. For food that’s safe for you and your family to eat, only apply non-harmful or organic pesticides or insecticides to your veggie patch. Including the kids in this endeavor is a great way to bond as a family – planting and harvesting vegetables instills patience and a respect for nature too. Controlling pests will allow your garden to flourish One of the pitfalls of having a fertile garden is that it attracts populations of pests. Aphids, mites and scales are some of the most destructive pests in the garden as they feed on roses and many other decorative plants. Grow herbs like coriander and fennel - these attract ladybugs who feed on aphids - a great natural pest control method. Keep ladybugs coming back for more by always ensuring that they have food (aphids and other insects), pollen from flowers and fresh water from a bird bath or fountain. Keep your lawn looking flawless with some help from The Specialists Playing in the garden is a favourite activity for kids of all ages. Unfortunately, their rough-and-tumble shenanigans can damage lawns – leaving you with a lawn that’s less than picture perfect. Consult a professional company, like The Specialists, to take care of your lawn for you. They’ll ensure that it’s correctly fertilised, tested for healthy PH levels and treated with herbicides to remove weeds. In addition, they’ll aerate your soil annually, which enhances the quality of your grass. They’ll also see to it that pests are controlled – leaving you with more time to enjoy your garden.
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