The decision to employ a company to provide office cleaning services that best cater to your business needs should be made with the best interests of your core business at heart. Evaluating different office cleaning services using the criteria detailed below is a good way to assess whether you’re getting the best service, or whether you need to look further afield to address your cleaning needs. If your current office cleaning services fail to meet these requirements, it’s time to choose an alternate provider. Office cleaning services that are legally compliant are automatically transparent and trustworthy. The company that you employ for your office cleaning services should be legally compliant regarding the correct corporate governance structures. Work that is done on a contractual basis must be certified, in order to avoid “fly-by-nighters” rendering poor service without suffering from the repercussions. Companies like The Specialists are members of the National Contract Cleaners Association (NCCA). Office cleaning services who belong to the NCCA are those of repute, and don’t require exhaustive background checks. When evaluating office cleaning services, you need to check that any products used by the company won’t cause harm to those in the office environment. Health and safety are crucial considerations in an office environment and severe repercussions – both for your cleaning services company and your businesses - can result if they are not adhered to. On-going training and development regimes for staff should be a pre-requisite. All professional office cleaning services should ensure that their staff correctly portray the ethos of their business. They should be uniformed, making them easy to identify whilst on the job. In addition, staff should receive on-going training so that they’re always up to speed with the company’s products, services and technologies. Staff should also be educated on the correct hygiene, health and safety policies pertinent to both the job requirements and the office environment.
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Quality management systems must be in place throughout each stage of services rendered. Needless to say, the quality of a company’s office cleaning services should be the deciding factor. Bear in mind that the quality of service extends well beyond the job itself. A company providing office cleaning services should keep the channels of communication open at all stages of work in progress. They should offer additional consultancy, advice or follow-up phone calls to make sure that you’re one hundred percent happy with their work. In addition, they’ll offer regular inspections, as well as initiatives. Superior office cleaning services will partner with you in order to establish sustainable solutions that meet your business’ needs. Are the services green? To offer green cleaning services, a company must use cleaning products that are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals. Environmentally friendly companies make a huge contribution toward minimizing the risks associated with exposing our offices to unsafe cleaning products. When evaluating cleaning services, ask them to send you a list of the products they use so that you can ensure they are actually green.   Image Credit: SS Interiors & Furniture
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