The sheer size of most commercial buildings means that cleaning their windows is a daunting task. This is both difficult and impractical for someone to achieve in their private capacity. There are numerous dangers associated with cleaning windows in large commercial buildings and the scale of the job makes it highly unadvisable to attempt this without the aid of professionals. The infographic by US window cleaning company, Crystal Clear Window Washing list the four main reasons why the use of professional window cleaning services are non-negotiable. window cleaning services Cleaning the windows of sizable commercial building is a dangerous task if not conducted by professionals.  The higher the building, the higher the risk. Professionals who render window cleaning services are aware of the dangers associated, and are skilled in safety precautions and procedures. They’ve been rigorously trained about the correct techniques needed to clean these windows properly, efficiently and safely. Mitigate the risk and avoid hiring a casual employee who doesn’t have the necessary know-how to conduct this task. It may seem like the cheaper alternative – but the risks are inordinately higher. If your employee slipped or fell while on the job, you’d be liable for a considerable amount of money. In addition, your company’s reputation will be tarnished. Avoid this unpleasant scenario and hire professionals who’ll do a thorough job – without putting your staff or credibility at risk. Professional window cleaning services are equipped with the right tools for the job Professional window cleaners aren’t just adept at their job – they also have the right tools at their disposal in order to satisfy all of your window cleaning needs. Not only do they have access to high quality equipment, their apparatus will be line with the latest technological advancements – ensuring that the job is well done in the safest way possible.
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Some companies, like The Specialists, use telescopic poles to reach as high as five storeys up.  They conduct their window cleaning services using the Water Fed Pole System, which makes use of de-ionised water (water which is purified and free of chemicals and pollutants). There are several benefits to using this approach:  it’s a form of green cleaning, doesn’t leave residue on the windows and alleviates the cost and risks associated with using scaffolding. Moreover this method of window cleaning has many more applications, such as being able to clean signs, vinyl awnings and aluminum/granite cladding.  Experienced window cleaning services are able to conduct a superior job. Industry professionals who’re well-versed in all aspects of window cleaning will tell you that knowing the problem is half the battle. They have vast amounts of knowledge pertaining to the proper techniques that need to be employed, as well as the various methods that apply to different types of projects or challenges. Remember that if you have your windows cleaned by professionals, they’ll not only stay cleaner for longer, but also be cleaned in a way that won’t encourage premature wear and tear or breakages. Professional window cleaning services are insured against injury and liability. While you may have some sort of insurance for your staff, it’s highly unlikely that they’re insured against a high-risk injuries like window cleaning – related accidents. Using professional window cleaning services enables you to eradicate the possibility (not to mention extraordinary costs) of your own employees becoming injured after falling from a ladder or scaffolding.
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Enlist the help of a professional window cleaning services company in order to ensure that the challenges of your window cleaning needs are expertly dealt with.   Image Credit: The Vila Team
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