The cleaning and maintaining of golf club grounds is a massive undertaking. While the care of the green is left to a professional golf course specialist, a myriad of areas remain. The bar, restrooms, spa, parking and reception area require constant maintenance. Club managers need to be multi-skilled masters in order to ensure that all tasks that fall under golf club cleaning meet a high standard.

The many different areas each have specific requirements, and if they’re not attended to in the most professional way, the reputation and patronage of the club is put in jeopardy. 

Golf club cleaning takes up an inordinate amount of time – not to mention a substantial team of skilled cleaners. Attempting to do this in-house often results in certain areas of the club being neglected, or tasks being tackled half-heartedly – purely due to the scale of the job. Frequent foot traffic that’s almost continuous makes this process even harder to do.

Outsourcing your golf club cleaning to a professional cleaning team ensures that the job is done to the highest standard.

Professional cleaners are trained in a variety of specialised cleaning skills that golf club employees might lack. Club managers need to attend to the needs of patrons, which means that they’re left with little time to oversee an internal cleaning team. Cleaning specialists are trained in cleaning multi-faceted areas that are almost never empty, in a way that’s unobtrusive, professional and thorough.

One of the most important aspects of golf club cleaning is to ensure that the bathrooms, saunas and changing rooms are spotless at all times.

The cleanliness of the restrooms is indicative of an establishment’s professionalism. Bathrooms that are neglected are incredibly off-putting to patrons, so it’s crucial that this task is paid adequate attention.
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Professional cleaning teams will ensure that toilets are thoroughly disinfected, that hand towels and toilet paper are regularly replaced and that sanitary bins are emptied and sanitised to prevent the spread of germs and unpleasant odours.

Professional cleaning teams are skilled in industry requirements that pertain to commercial kitchens.

Any establishment that serves food to the public must adhere to certain regulations regarding the cleanliness of their kitchens. Golf clubs often have one or several restaurants, as well as a bar. In order to avoid patrons falling ill due to hygiene standards that are below par, it’s advisable to employ professional cleaners. Besides day to day cleaning of preparation surfaces and floors, they’ll also be able to efficiently clean industrial refrigerators, extractor fans and ovens.

The interior of a clubhouse requires a dedicated team of expert cleaners who’re used to maintaining extensive spaces.

Every single aspect of a golf club needs to be meticulously maintained in order to convey an air of professionalism. Members pay substantial membership fees in order to have exclusive use of the golf club, which means that the golf club cleaning regime needs to be carried out in a comprehensive way that doesn’t inconvenience guests. For this reason, it’s preferable to hire a team of specialists who’re adept at cleaning large spaces in a discreet manner. Importantly, they have access to superior machinery, like industrial vacuum cleaners and high pressure hoses that produce a far superior result compared to run of the mill equipment. In addition, many clubhouses have vast areas of expensive carpeting which if maintained and cleaned properly can last twice as long as carpets not cleaned regularly. For establishments like this, Cleaning Specialists use the latest Dry Carpet cleaning methods, causing no disruptions to operations. No water is used in the process and carpets are left beautifully.
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