We spend one third of our lives asleep. That’s approximately 219 145 hours spent tossing and turning in our beds. What many people do not realise, however, is that while we are sleeping, we are also shedding dead skin cells. If these skin cells are not removed, the weight of the mattress can double over five years. It’s a sobering thought indeed. It makes sense then, that there is a link between old beds and asthma. Dust mites feed off dead skin cells, making your mattress the perfect breeding ground. Their droppings contain a protein that is an allergen which aggravates asthma. If you are sleeping on a mattress that isn’t adequately and regularly cleaned, you are creating an environment that encourages ill- health.

In order to ensure that your sleeping environment is conducive to good health, regular mattress cleaning needs to be prioritised.

Cleaning Specialists advise that mattresses be vacuumed regularly in order to remove a build- up of dead skin cells, dust mites, and other microscopic organisms that can compromise your health. In addition, all mattresses should be deep-cleaned annually in order to rid them of dirt that is permeated the surface of your mattress.

Mattress cleaning can be done in a variety of ways, depending on your individual needs.

Professional mattress cleaning services are conducted via a wet or dry extraction process. Both will remove visible stains like urine or blood, and disinfect and sanitise the interior and exterior of the mattress. If you need to use your mattress right away, opting for a dry powder method is preferable. If not, a wet extraction can be performed.
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The best means of removing allergens like dust mite droppings is via an ultraviolet (UVC) light treatment.

The Specialists now offer mattress cleaning methods that eliminate allergens.  A UVC light is used to rid your mattress of dust mites, mold and bacteria – all of which can set off an asthma attack. Initially used in hospitals, this type of mattress cleaning is advised if a member of your family suffers from allergies, asthma or compromised health in general.

Make sure that you are using a professional mattress cleaning provider in order to guarantee the cleanliness of your mattress.

Since the state of your mattress can adversely affect the health of you and your loved ones, it’s essential to use a professional company who are skilled in the correct mattress cleaning methods, and have the necessary equipment at their disposal. They will also be able to provide you with advice on how best to maintain a clean and hygienic mattress in between its annual deep-cleans. [hs_action id="938"] Image Credit: Ratex Foam
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