Commercial pest control services and those conducted in a private residence both have the same goal in mind. Namely, to ensure that infestations are controlled and that safeguards are in place to prevent pests from returning. The difference between the two lies in the scope of service that a premise requires. Infestations in a home are on a vastly smaller scale than those in a commercial building, like a factory or office space. In addition, high volumes of foot traffic mean that carrying out commercial pest control services requires adequate planning, expert skills and individuals who are trained in health and safety in a legally compliant way.

Health and safety is of paramount importance for both commercial pest control services and those rendered in a private residence.

The safety of all individuals who live and work on the premises is of crucial concern, regardless of whether the building is a home or a vast warehouse with several hundred employees. Where commercial pest control services differ however, is in the rules and regulations concerning the wellbeing of staff, as well as the legal implications that will result if any of these laws are breached. A hospital is a prime example - commercial pest control services need to adhere to safety protocol in order to avoid compromising the health and safety of patients and staff. It is therefore paramount that a registered and reputable pest control company is chosen in order to comply with industry regulations. While there are no laws dictating the way in which pest control should be conducted in a private home, the safety of its residents is just as important. Many people inadvertently endanger the wellbeing of their loved ones by turning to an unprofessional pest control company. As with commercial pest control services, it is paramount that superior pest control services are used in order to guarantee the health and safety of residents.
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Commercial pest control services need to be carried out in the most discreet manner possible.

Establishments like restaurants, shopping malls or office blocks require pest control services that are conducted in a professional and discreet manner in order to ensure that business is not disrupted There is nothing more off-putting than walking into an eatery only to see bait stations dotted around the establishment. In order to ensure that the reputation of a business remains untarnished, expert pest services need to be consulted. Pest control Specialists are trained to carry out their services in a manner that is professional, as well as discerning.

Commercial buildings and private residences have differing pest control problems.

The majority of commercial spaces most commonly deal with problematic infestations of cockroaches, rats or birds, like pigeons. While these pests also make their home in and around private homes, they are on a far smaller scale and easier to tackle. If left unchecked in a shopping mall or factory however, the implications are far more severe and far-reaching than in a house. Homes, on the other hand, tend to experience mice, termite and wood borer beetle infestations.

Commercial pest control services need to be conducted on an ongoing basis, while those rendered in a private capacity are performed ad hoc.

In order to ensure that business is not interrupted by infestations, there need to be continuous pest control treatments in place. Depending on the building in question, this can vary from once a month, to every six months. Home applications however, are usually conducted as needed.
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In order to ensure that both commercial pest control services and those rendered in homes are as effective as possible – not to mention carried out in a safe way – a professional pest control company needs to be consulted. Image Credit: ABB
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