Suburban and urban office and homes alike are often at the mercy of birds, who nest in their eaves, and cause an unsightly mess with their excrement. Bird droppings are not only aesthetically unwelcomed, but spread disease too. Pigeons’ and Starlings’ droppings contain organisms that can cause the respiratory diseases Histoplasmosis  and Allergic hypersensitivity pneumonitis . While these diseases usually result in mild flu-like symptoms, if left untreated, they can result in potentially fatal infections. Luckily, there are many bird control solutions available that deal with these pesky pests in a way that’s both humane and eco-friendly. If you’re in need of bird control services, but aren’t quite sure how to go about it, we’ve listed the criteria to take into consideration when choosing a pest control provider.

Always use a professional service provider

In order to avoid the use of harmful substances and cruel bird control practices, only use a professional company who’re experts in bird control. Look for a company with industry accreditations, as well as a considerable length of time in the industry. These two qualities are indicative of a reputable company who’ve lasted due to their expertise and customer service. What’s more, professional bird control service providers will treat both the cause of the infestation (e.g.: easily-accessible eaves) as well as the symptoms (e.g.: a proliferation of bird excrement)

Only employ a company that uses humane, eco-friendly bird control methods

As irritating as roosting birds and their droppings can be, they should never be harmed. Poisons used to kill birds affect the whole eco-system. There are many humane and non-toxic alternative bird control solutions available – which means that harmful chemical or cruel traps are in fact, redundant. As well as protecting the environment, businesses need to ensure that their reputation is protected too. Make sure that you don’t muddy it due to using bird control services that disregard the life of wildlife as well as the care of the surrounding environments.
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Read up on the various bird control measures available

Before contacting a bird control provider, it’s advisable to research the options available. Some are better suited to big, corporate buildings’ like shopping malls or office parks, while others are more effective for use at home. Avithor E-Track, Ecopic spikes, Avithor Daddi Long Leg, Cable bird, Bird Out (electrical deterrent system) or Avithor Net are some of the products at your disposal. Ask your professional about these options – they’ll explain how they work and whether they’re a suitable solution.

Use a company that offers a free assessment

Reputable bird control companies will assess your property for free, with no obligation on your part. Anyone who wants to charge for this service should be avoided at all costs. Instead, request a free quote or assessment from a professional bird control company.

Choose a company with extensive experience across all sectors.

In order to avoid fly-by-night, unprofessional companies, look for a pest control service that’s experienced with bird control on both large and small scales. Ideally, they should have experience with commercial business that operate from large-scale premises like mines or shopping malls, as well as private residences. [hs_action id="1098"] Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures
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