The cleanliness of your office restrooms is indicative of the level of professionalism of your company. Much like a restaurant, washroom hygiene has a massive impact on the way employees and clients view your overall business. In order to make the best impression on customers, as well as facilitate a company culture that’s in the best interest of employees, your standard of washroom hygiene needs to be excellent. Whether you’re the owner of a fledgling start-up with a handful of employees, or are the office manager of a large corporate organisation, the following pre-requisites apply to washroom hygiene across the board:

Regular cleaning of restrooms is crucial in order to safeguard against the spread of germs.

Besides the fact that the cleanliness of your bathrooms can help or hinder the reputation of your company, it can also affect the wellbeing of your staff. The health of your employees is of the utmost importance – after all, ill-health impacts on productivity levels too. It’s therefore in your best interests to ensure that you maintain an optimum level of washroom hygiene at all times. During periods that are associated with an increased spread of illness – such as Flu season – you might want to consider having your bathrooms cleaned more often in order to mitigate the chances of employees cross-contaminating one another. In addition to regular cleaning – which needs to be conducted daily – a deep clean of your restrooms is advised monthly in order to get rid of black mould and any other bacteria that might have accumulated. In order to keep your washroom hygiene at the highest level, it’s advisable to contract the cleaning of these areas out to a specialist cleaning company. Make sure that their cleaning staff are equipped with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and that they
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Ensure that restrooms are always stocked with sanitary supplies.

Few things in life are as irritating as walking into a bathroom stall, only to discover that there isn’t any toilet roll. Make sure that your washroom hygiene isn’t compromised due to inadequate provision or supply of toilet paper, hand soap and sanitary bins. In order to further safeguard against the spread of germs, an air dryer or paper towels should be used. These are far more efficient in facilitating washroom hygiene than their toweling equivalents. The best way to ensure that your washrooms are never without these supplies is by using a cleaning company who’ll re-stock your restrooms on a regular basis once they’ve commenced cleaning the ablution facilities.

If your company prides itself on being green, ensure that products used in your restrooms are also eco-friendly.

Many companies claim to be environmentally conscious, only to use harmful chemicals and supplies in their washrooms. This sends a mixed message to clients, and can mar any good impression you’ve made on them. Make sure that the cleaning services you use do, in fact, use green products. If you’re maintaining your washroom hygiene in-house, ensure that any products you’re using for this purpose aren’t harmful to the environment. Maintaining washroom hygiene is paramount as restrooms are home to a wide variety of potentially infectious micro-organisms. Bacteria and germs that lurk in bathrooms can potentially lead to disease if not adequately eradicated. By having effective hygiene measures in place – such as employing a professional cleaning service - the unnecessary spread of infections is considerably reduced.
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