As part of our ongoing journey toward providing South Africans with cleaning services of the highest caliber, we are proud to launch a range of brand new, environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. Our new range including environmentally friendly cleaning solutions for commercial kitchens; dry-carpet cleaning services; and a UVC anti- allergy treatment systems for mattresses and bedding. Incorporating the latest technology as well as eco-friendly, natural ingredients, our environmentally friendly cleaning products are incredibly efficient, as well as free from toxic ingredients. Unlike their chemical counterparts, they’re hazardous-free, readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly. We sat down with Walter Butterworth, one of our cleaning gurus, to chat about the newest additions to our innovative cleaning solutions. Q: What’s the thinking behind The Specialists’ new range of cleaning services and products? A: The Specialists have always prioritised the health and safety of our clients and their environments. Many people often overlook areas of their homes or offices that are, in fact, breeding grounds for germs and dust mites, and as a result cause a range of allergies. Our new allergy treatment uses a UV light as opposed to harmful chemicals. This treats surfaces, killing and corrupting the DNA of dust mites, bacteria, fleas and their eggs. It is an incredibly effective and safe way to sterilize and clean an environment in order to remove allergens Q: What makes these products environmentally friendly? A:  Our environmentally friendly cleaning products are made from citrus and floral extracts, as opposed to toxic chemicals. In addition, they are bio-degradable, which means that if these products are absorbed into the soil or water sources, they do not pose a threat to the environment or local eco-systems. Because natural products do not have a lengthy life-span, these products will degrade far faster than synthetic products.
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In addition, the use of enzymes and nanotechnology are able to break down grease into water and CO², and as a result, pose no threat to living organisms. Q: How will individuals benefit from The Specialists’ new mattress cleaning services? A: According to the World Health Organisation, one in five people suffer from some sort of allergy, which means that it is important to eradicate any source of allergens lurking within your home. Traditional mattress cleaning methods however, contain chemicals that allergy sufferers can react to. As we treat bedding with a UV light, there is no chance of an allergic reaction – what is more, this process is far more effective – eradicating up to 94% of dust mites. Q: Why have The Specialists launched computer cleaning services? A: Maintaining a hygienic environment – both at work and at home – is critical in preventing the spread of germs and disease. Our computers are veritable breeding grounds for germs, and since they are seldom (if ever) cleaned, they pose a threat to the health of users. Our computer cleaning services are perfect for offices and homes – helping companies and families keep their environments as hygienic as possible. Q: How do businesses stand to benefit from the newest cleaning services? A: In an effort to keeping computers free from germs and dirt, our dry-carpet cleaning is perfect for businesses. With no down-time, companies can carry on as usual. Hotels, restaurants, and casinos all experience almost constant high volumes of foot traffic. Since dry carpet cleaning does not entail the use of water, patrons and businesses will not be affected – our method even allows people to walk on the carpets while they are being cleaned.
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As far as our commercial kitchen cleaning products are concerned, environmentally friendly products means that restaurateurs can rest safe in the knowledge that any food being prepared will be free from contamination – both by germs and toxic chemicals. cleaning services Image Credit: Let Me Do That
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