If the thought of wading through stacks of year-old magazines, cobweb-covered gym equipment that’s never seen the light of day and piles of clothes that you may wear, one day, if you lose 5kgs, has you breaking out in hives, you’re not alone. Instead of diving head-first into a mountain of moth balls, you need to arm yourself with a step-by-step plan in you want to hold onto your sanity. No one enjoys house cleaning, and if they say they do, they’re probably lying. Giving your house a thorough once-over (also known as a deep clean) has to be strategically planned and broken up into small, actionable steps.

A deep clean is that much more difficult if you’re cavalier about clutter.

Coming home to clutter-free home that wouldn’t be out of place in an Elle Decoration spread is something we all dream of. Unfortunately, culling clutter requires an ongoing system if you want to make sure that your armchair, chaise lounge or dining room table aren’t hidden under piles of random items. Before you even consider spring cleaning, take the following advice to heart: control everything that enters your home – when you’re next tempted to treat yourself to a late night online shopping binge, or want buy two of everything merely because Zara has slashed their prices by 50%, stop. Before you purchase anything – from accessories, to clothes to new furniture - ask yourself whether you need it. (We understand that this can be somewhat difficult). In short, tackling clutter begins at the source.

Make regular de-cluttering a habit.

Whether you devote 30 minutes to clearing the clutter in a specific area of your home every weekend, or five minutes at night, make this a regular occurrence. Eating the proverbial elephant one bite at a time is the only way to control clutter without compromising your sanity.
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Have a storage system in place so that when you walk in the front door, instead of dropping everything in a heap on the counter, you have designated places to hang you coat, store your car keys and place your handbag. Once you’ve tackled cluttered spaces, you’re ready to tackle the nitty gritty of house cleaning: eradicating dust, dirt and grime.

Make the most of your vacuuming.

It’s for good reason that the vacuum cleaner has been touted as the appliance that revolutionised cleaning for homemakers everywhere. Maximise on your vacuuming by picking up any objects strewn on the floor (a case for de-cluttering if there ever was one – that and stepping on a piece of Lego in the middle of the night). Before you plug in the Hoover, dust. This reduces the amount of dirt you need to vacuum, ensuring that you get a deep clean as opposed to merely scratching the surface. Lastly, arm yourself with vacuum cleaner attachments – the next time you notice a dusty corner or hard-to-reach dado rail, you’ll be able to clean it then and there.

Know your limitations.

Let’s face it, we’re not all cleaning super-stars. In fact, very few people are. When it comes to cleaning tricky areas of your home, like your curtains and carpets, you’ll not only save time, but money too by outsourcing the task. Instead of cleaning your drapes and rugs by hand, a deep clean done by professionals will leave you with superior results. You’d never attempt to service your car by yourself, so why jeopardise the condition of valuable assets like carpets and curtains by doing the same? Protecting the assets in your home prolongs their lifespan, which means that instead of spending money replacing carpets ruined by a botched or amateur cleaning job, you’ll be able to use it on other home projects (like investing in a storage system).
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The next time you give your home the once-over, contact us to find out about our carpet cleaning services. (We’re not called The Specialists for nothing.)

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