If you’ve ever wondered what commercial cleaning services entail, and if they’re suitable for your business, you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up the questions we get asked by clients on a regular basis below.
  1. Are commercial cleaning services for me?

The scope of commercial cleaning services varies from specialised and small-scale to large-scale, full-service offerings. Whether you’re in the restaurant business and need to keep a busy kitchen clean and hygienic at all times, or manage an industrial park or office block, making use of commercial cleaning services ensures that your premises are professionally cleaned on a regular basis.
  1. Can commercial cleaning services work around traditional working hours?

While the majority of commercial cleaning services are rendered during working hours, if your business can’t afford to have commercial cleaners on-site while you operate, we can assist you either before the working day begins or with after-hours service. We know that retailers, factories and manufacturing plants especially, can’t afford downtime, which is why we’ll tailor our services around your schedule, instead of ours.
  1. How does the commercial cleaning process work?

Commercial cleaning services generally work around a programme that’s been specially designed for the needs of your business. A representative will visit your premises to assess your particular requirements, and then come up with a maintenance plan that best suits your business and budget. For example, a busy fast-food restaurant may need monthly kitchen canopy and grease trap cleaning, and weekly ablution cleaning. A shopping center, on the other hand, will need ablution cleaning on a daily basis, as well as weekly window cleaning.
  1. Do I need to use a separate company for my pest control needs?

Maintaining optimum levels of hygiene hinges on more than just cleaning. Essentially, pest control and commercial cleaning services need to work hand in hand. For the health and food industries in particular, who are legally required to meet stringent criteria set out by The Department of Health, making use of a regular pest control service is essential.
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We provide pest control services alongside commercial cleaning services for an all-in-one solution that meets all of your health and safety needs.
  1. How do I go about choosing a commercial cleaning provider?

Before you sign on the dotted line, look for companies who have extensive experience, as well as industry accreditations and certifications. The Specialists have offered cleaning and pest control services to commercial and private clients for 37 years, are accredited by various institutions including the NCCA and FASA, and have a national footprint with numerous branches in each province.

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