It’s said that as far as stressful situations go, moving house is just as trying as a divorce, retrenchment or loss of a loved one. Moving into a new home is the easy part – the going gets tough before you cross the threshold of your new home; trying to squeeze the contents of an entire house into one moving truck can seem impossible. The key to moving without the mayhem? Get organised. If your organisation skills err on the side of ‘organised mess’, fear not. We’ve compiled our top six tips for moving house that won’t have you searching for the Rescue Remedy.
  1. Become a lover of lists

Without an itemised list of everything that needs to be done prior to moving day, your packing process will be akin to herding cats. In other words, if you want a streamlined, organised move, you’ll need to do some planning. Write down everything that needs to be done before you vacate your property – this includes tying up loose ends like the forwarding of mail to your new address, notifying service providers like DSTV or magazine subscriptions of the move, and the settling of any outstanding levies or rates. Set a deadline for each task, so that you’re not left with a hundred and one things to do the week before.
  1. Set up a systematic schedule

Instead of packing a box here and a box there, use a system. As you pack a box, write it down with the box number – colour coding also works – as well as the contents of each. By grouping each area of your home separately, it’ll be far easier to find what you’re looking for once you’ve settled into your new home.
  1. Clear out the clutter

Moving home is the perfect chance to simplify your life. When packing, have three piles: pack, donate, and throwaway. This isn’t a time to get sentimental either – if you’re unsure about an item, pack it and decide later. Most charities will collect donations too, which means you won’t have to waste time transporting more boxes than absolutely necessary. (Incorporate this tip for moving house into your daily, monthly or annual cleaning schedule for a house that’s clutter free all year round.)
  1. Start off with a clean slate

Make sure that your new abode is ready for your arrival by having it cleaned by a professional cleaning company prior to your arrival. The last thing you’ll feel like after moving is having to scrub carpets or wash windows. While you’re having your new home cleaned, make use of a professional pest control provider, who will be able to ensure that your future home is pest free.
  1. Who, what, where, when?

One of the most vital tips for moving house is to familiarise yourself with the details about your new home and neighbourhood. However, many people forget to ask the previous occupants about this important information that can make their time in a new home that much easier. It’s advisable to establish things like: the day garbage is removed, whether there’s a recycling station nearby, the location of the water main, and the names and contact numbers of the neighbours.
  1. Pack a survival kit

There’s nothing more frustrating than being without clean sheets, or not being able to make a cup of tea on your first night in a new home. Pack a bag with all the things you’ll need on the first night, including bedding, cutlery, a kettle, toiletries and an outfit for the next day (having a Mr Delivery menu close by won’t hurt either). If there’s one tip for moving house that’s worth paying attention to, it’s this one.
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