Your dream home could include an art deco mirror, a large white couch scattered with finely beaded cushions, a leopard-print chaise longue and a retro light fitting. In reality, your children, pets and other components of a “lived-in” home, make this dream exactly that. The desirable homes you see in Visi magazine and on Pinterest clearly must belong to childless and petless owners. Well, something extraordinary is about to change your life and restore your faith in having a dream home (that stays picture perfect): fabric protection.

Fabric protection turns spills into thin air

 Picture this: holding his ice-cream cone while walking past the couch, your child trips over his train set and the ice-cream cone lands face down on the couch, spilling bits of ice cream onto the carpet too.  However, thanks to fabric protection, tiny beads form immediately, and are swiftly blotted up by you. When those pictures of your home are taken for your Pinterest page, there are no stains in sight.

So how does fabric protection work exactly?

Fabric protection products aim to prevent accidental spills of wine, foods, oil-based spills, stains, vomit and grubby hands and paws from penetrating fabric fibers, as a result of an invisible protection layer applied to the fabric. This makes removal of spillages simple and effective. Most of your household contents - couches, curtains, headboards, cushions, beds, and even car interiors – can be saved by fabric protection.

What about materials like silk?

You spilt coffee over your Chinese silk dressing gown, and you are not sure if it will come out. The good news is that some fabric protection products can be used on all kinds of fabric - including silk. A fabric protection product, such as Teknogard, can be applied to delicate materials such as silk, linen, blends and pre-treated fabrics.
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How to choose a fabric protection product.

When choosing a fabric protection product, versatility is key. It should be applicable to all kinds of materials. Professional cleaning services recommend fabric protection products that have been used successfully in places where there is heavy foot traffic and which are most prone to spills, dirt and grime. These include conference centres, hotels, restaurants and function venues. Some fabric protection products are also used in industrial settings, where there is abundant dust, grease and grime. The key when choosing a fabric protection product is ensuring that it seeks to guard against permanent damage, even when spills and stains happen often. For the best results, a fabric protection product should be applied by a professional cleaning company.

Teknogard at your service

We have recently launched Teknogard, which is a chemical anti-stain and fabric protection product. Teknogard is applied to furniture and upholstery to protect it in the long-term; in fact, it carries a three-year anti-stain warranty. Call us today to find out more.

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