Traditional restaurant cleaning products are often more dangerous than the germs they’re meant to kill. Ammonia and chlorine bleach contribute to increased indoor air pollution and are dangerous to humans and the environment. This is according to stats gathered by the Food Service Warehouse , which also found that the toxic vapours released by traditional cleaning products are suspected carcinogens. The other ailments caused by hazardous chemicals include headaches, asthma, nausea, fatigue and skin and eye irritation.

As a restaurant owner or manager, you don’t want your patrons or staff to be harmed by your chosen restaurant cleaning products.

Green cleaning products are gaining recognition as being environmentally friendly, while still being as effective as traditional products in terms of cleaning.  This is important to a restaurant owner or manager in charge of restaurant cleaning, since cleanliness and hygiene are of utmost necessity, and are governed by stringent laws and standards.

The technology behind green restaurant cleaning products is groundbreaking. Here’s why:

What’s replacing harsh chemically-based restaurant products are enzyme-based cleaners. Enzymes are naturally occurring organisms whose role is to help break large molecules into smaller ones. Simply put, they degrade things like grease, grime and dirt that accumulate on restaurant kitchen floors, walls and dining areas.In particular, The Specialists provide a patented enzyme, from Novozymes, which breaks down oils, grease and stains that collect in the microscopic indentations and fissures of hard surfaces. Novozymes’ sustainable surface cleaning solution starts by instantly removing surface soils. Then, the beneficial microorganisms penetrate deep into the pores to degrade a wide range of embedded residual soils that conventional cleaning solutions often leave behind.
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Once the natural bonds of the grease, grime and dirt are broken, it becomes easier to rinse away the dirt or remove it using cloths and mops (that are soaked only in water).

The products are economically friendly too.

As a restaurant owner or manager, struggling with a tight maintenance budget, you may be concerned that green restaurant cleaning products are expensive. It’s a fallacy that green restaurant cleaning products are expensive. Only small amounts of enzymes are needed in order to carry out their cleaning duties. Money does not need to be spent on storage space for enzyme-based cleaners either: both solid and liquid enzyme preparations are packaged in small quantities. Chemicals are also expensive, but with enzyme-based cleaning products, a few consumables and small quantities of water are needed. Moreover, should a patron or staff member be harmed by your chemically-based cleaning products, you may be held liable, which could be costly and reputation damaging. The latter would kill your business.

Green cleaning gets customers.

Says Central Restaurant, “…when a restaurant is thought of as being green, It gives off an aspect to customers that they are being cared about more. Customers get a higher perceived value from green restaurants, because it’s assumed if the business is putting more time and effort into the environment, they will pay similar attention to how healthy the food is and making sure customers are being treated well.” Restaurateurs make the choice to go green because of its lasting value – socially, economically and environmentally. In addition to other green measures, such as changing to energy-saving light bulbs, and using less water, switching to green restaurant cleaning products is one of the simpler steps. Call us today to get our latest information on green restaurant cleaning products.
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