Cockroaches are masters of survival, with adaptive capabilities beyond that of most household pests: they can fly, walk upside down, flatten themselves and make a mad dash into any crevice, nook and cranny. Their hard, crustacean-like armour protects them from most well-aimed shoes, fly swatters and insect sprays. They seem indestructible. A horrifying fact is that if one is spotted, an entire cockroach army is not far behind. A strategic approach is thus needed in terms of cockroach control. While they may seem to have colonised your entire home, they usually prefer specific locations. Knowing what these are, you’re armed with the knowledge (and then, cockroach bait) to eradicate them.


This article from How Stuff Works  explains how cockroaches can be found on ceilings, especially in dark areas of your home, such as garages and basements. That said, cockroaches can be found crawling across the ceilings of well lit rooms, scuttling into cracks when the light is too bright.

 Wherever there’s water

Cockroaches love water. Areas where water pipes are placed in the house, such as behind cupboards and cabinets and through walls, provide the perfect damp home for cockroaches.  They are also attracted to warm condensation, so look carefully behind washing machines, tumble dryers and near kettles. You may be horrified to run a hot bath only to be greeted by cockroaches falling out the taps. The ‘roach and his extended family probably made a nest in the pipe where the bath taps are connected. Cockroach control specialists suggest insulating and taping off gaps between piping and walls. The rule of thumb is to keep these areas as dry as possible. This may be difficult, especially in bathrooms and kitchens, which means that cleaners must be mindful of mopping up excess water.
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Your lounge suite

This article  from How Stuff Works states: “Something about a cockroach’s flat, smooth body makes it prone to snuggling into tight spaces where they can feel fabrics or other materials on their topsides and undersides. They like furniture so much that they usually lay their eggs there, leaving hardened colonies of eggs ready to hatch in weeks, producing tens of thousands of (new cockroaches).”

Your paper recycling box

Cockroaches use old paper, cardboard and newspaper as food, but also as a place to defecate. This is because they’re attracted to the smell and texture of paper and paper-like materials.. They are especially attracted if the paper product is an old food carton. To make this situation even more repulsive, in order to make the paper products more digestible, cockroaches break them down with oils and acids of the extremely smelly variety. In order to avoid unwittingly encouraging an infestation, cockroach control specialists suggest keeping paper and cardboard meant for recycling in sealed containers. Alternatively, boric acid can be dusted onto the recycling box as a deterrent.

Your electronic appliances

Cockroaches love warmth, which sees them bunker down in places that have warm, running motors. In fact, most kitchen appliances are seen as appealing havens for cockroaches, including toasters, coffee machines, kettles, stoves and fridges. Be mindful of cleaning these areas thoroughly, and if necessary, using products that will kill the cockroaches nesting there.

Your entire kitchen area

Kitchens with abundant food and moisture equal cockroach heaven. Sinks, dishwashers, kitchen counters with last night’s meal leftovers and dirty coffee mugs are just some of the cockroach’s love interests. Adding to their creepy nature, roaches forage for food when the lights are switched off.
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In addition, cockroaches will deposit bacteria in drawers where there are cooking utensils and other silverware. Cockroach control specialists advise that these drawers are disinfected regularly to avoid major health concerns.

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and as far as roaches go, this couldn’t be truer.

Proper sanitation, good housekeeping and effective water management all play a pivotal role in the prevention of infestations. If the problem becomes unmanageable, a cockroach control specialist can assist.  Bear in mind that in order to ensure the safety of both humans and pets, insist that whatever is used to kill the cockroaches is environmentally friendly. In need of specialist cockroach control? We provide homes and business across the country with an array of environmentally friendly, effective pest control measures. Call us today to arrange an inspection of your property.

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Image credit - ZME Science  
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