Engaging in a conversation with anyone about their pets usually begins with them explaining to you that the fur-babies are not just ‘pets’ but valued members of their family. While these little darlings bring many a pet owner enormous amounts of joy, they can also destroy your furniture and fittings if you don’t pet-proof your home. The destruction is, of course, not intentional but the stain and stench of animal mess will quickly grow old and replacing items can prove costly. Here are three ways in which you can pet-proof your home:

Call in some expert fabric protection solutions.

Furniture is expensive and can’t be replaced easily. When you purchased that gorgeous duck egg blue lounge suite you probably weren’t considering that it might prove the ideal place for your new puppy or kitten to relieve themselves. Unfortunately, stained furniture is a common reality for the parents of new pets. By using fabric protection on your fabric-covered furniture you are able to quickly clean up any spills and are not in danger of having an awful stain left as a memory of the incident. Fabric protection creates a layer of protection across the fabric and as a mess or spill occurs it begins to turn into tiny beads that are quickly cleaned up. You can pet-proof your couches, curtains, headboards, cushions, beds and even car interiors with fabric protection.

Pet-proof your plush carpets and curtains by using a dry carpet cleaning service.

Firstly, to bust a myth: dry carpet cleaning is just as effective as wet carpet cleaning. Plus dry carpet cleaning can be performed in a fairly short period of time. In order to pet-proof your carpets or curtains and get rid of allergens, hairs and stains, it’s advisable to have dry carpet cleaning performed in your home quite regularly. Also, if you carpets are made from natural fibres the dry carpet cleaning is the most effective carpet cleaning solution as there is no risk of water damage.
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Stop fleas in their tiny tracks.

Getting rid of fleas can be a real challenge, sometimes virtually impossible and nothing is quite as annoying as the itch of a flea bite. There are two types of fleas in South Africa - the rare kind is ‘human’ fleas which can live on humans and animal skin and are usually found in the vicinity of pig farms. The more familiar kind are the ‘pet’ fleas which live happily on the skin of your pets and in your carpets and bedding. The fleas are always brought in by your pets and considering the rate at which they can breed they can quickly infest your home. Flea control measures must be taken to rid your home of these pesky creatures – you can use flea bombs or sprays but regular vacuuming can also eliminate an infestation. Make sure you get rid of the vacuum bag after. Alternatively, you can advise a pest control company who can inspect your home and then find the best possible solution to your problem. If you need any assistance with regards to these three options to pet-proof your home then please don’t hesitate to contact The Specialists directly. We have extensive experience in all three of these pet-proofing options.

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