Pests prefer certain seasons – in summer, mosquitoes love to buzz around your head and bite your ankles; in winter, the rats infiltrate, needing to come inside from the cold. A targeted approach is useful in managing pests – you need to know which month they proliferate. We present June’s pests of the month, and narrow it down to the areas in which they are commonly found.

Ants win in Durban, Nelspruit and along the Garden Route. Here’s how to eradicate them.

While ants are a perennial problem they are particularly troublesome this month in Durban, Nelspruit and along the Garden Route. Dealing with ants is complex, simply because they are so small and can infiltrate your home even through the tiniest crack in the wall or flooring. If you have pets and you leave their food out even for a few hours, you can be sure to see a thin and moving black line making a beeline for the pets’ bowls. It’s thus wise to remove the pets’ food straight after they are finished eating. Attention should also be paid to kitchen counters – crumbs and leftovers should be cleared and wiped away.

You can use natural ant control remedies.

You don’t need to spray harmful chemicals onto a trail of ants to eradicate them. If you have cinnamon, ground black pepper, bay leaves, whole cloves, and cloves, you can make up a ‘mixture’ to sprinkle around entry points and across existing ant trails. Or, essential oils like lavender, peppermint and eucalyptus can be dabbed at these sites.
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Sometimes though, nothing seems to stop the ants from coming into your home. Using a pest control specialist will help in first assessing the problem, and then providing a tailored solution.

June’s winner in Johannesburg and Cape Town – rats!  And good riddance to them.

Rats are hardy creatures, and much like cockroaches, are masters of survival. A rat infestation of epic proportions hit the City of Johannesburg last year, with owls being introduced to control the problem. But the problem is systemic, and more needs to be done to manage rats in big cities and to avoid a modern-day bubonic plague.

Thinking of DIY? Think again.

There are many products at your local supermarket purporting to get rid of rats, but these only really work for smaller infestations. Because rats breed at an exponential rate, your pest problem is not always entirely resolved. In addition, rats become immune to certain chemicals. Conventional rat poisons all contain similar combinations of the same ingredients, and it’s likely that the rats have built up a resistance to them. It’s best to call in an expert when it comes to controlling a rat infestation. Rat poisons used by professional exterminators are far more powerful than the store-bought variety because of the variety of formulations they have at their disposal. However, they’re not available to the public, and can only be applied by pest control experts. These rodenticides are utilised in such a way that rats are unable to build up resistance to them. What’s more, an expert pest controller is knowledgeable on rat behaviour, understanding its preferred pathways. Call us today to help you with your pest control needs.
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