Right now companies are focusing all their energies on ensuring that their entire business is online and digitised, as this enhances profit growth and expansion. This means that most interactions, transactions and communication, is happening via the Internet and remote working has become a massive trend. A variety of studies across the globe have all indicated that remote working increases productivity, employee satisfaction and retention and lowers stress levels – which ultimately then nurtures profit growth. However, this doesn’t mean that there’s no need for an office space where your employees congregate and enjoy human interaction. In fact, even if your business is based on a remote working model, most employees appreciate having an office space in which to collaborate and innovate. Therefore, securing profit growth boils down to the right mix of working conditions and factors. We have sourced these three unconventional ways of securing profit growth in your company for the rest of 2015:

Humanise your marketing strategy.

The latest corporate branding trends out there all speak of humanising your brand. Your clients are people and connecting to them in a human-to-human fashion is proving the better way to create brand awareness and loyalty. The more you show your clients and potential clients the personable side to your business and team, the more they will believe you have their best interests at heart. This also allows for more transparency which will lead them to trust you and your brand. For instance, if you decide to go green, being transparent about what you have been doing incorrectly will only underpin the positive steps you are now taking to be environmentally friendly. The more brand awareness and loyalty, the more likely you are to experience profit growth.
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Don’t be afraid to can a failure.

Consider all the projects and clients your company is managing and flush out the duds. In other words, if a project is failing or costing you it is worth it to consider quitting the venture. While this sounds counter-intuitive, it will assist your profit growth in the long-run as you will be saving your resources and time to then inject into a new project or growing your on-going ventures.

Don’t only be digital, get physical.

If most of your business is online and your staff are mostly operating remotely, you are likely to still need an office space for scheduled meetings, think tank sessions, meeting with clients and the like. Creating an office environment that is professional, clean and presentable is key to impressing clients and retaining your staff. It goes without saying that a clean office will do a lot to ensure that your workspace remains a healthy environment and supports the wellbeing of your staff. Employing professional cleaning services who regularly perform a deep clean in your office space will ward off germs, protect and preserve your furnishing and create a pleasant space in which your staff can work. The Specialists are in the business of providing cleaning and pest control services to all industries. Our clients know the benefit of a clean and healthy environment and through our deep clean services and our professional pest control management you can rest assured of creating an optimal workspace. If your company has office space then please give us a ring to find out more about our contract cleaning services, we can attend to your cleaning needs so they are never your problem ever again. contract cleaning
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