Pest control products are designed to specifically target pests that are found in the home. So surely they are safe? But there is still a nagging suspicion that they may not be, especially for our children. Although pest control is important for the safety and hygiene of your home, and you need to use them to prevent all kinds of illnesses and diseases stemming from common pests, you need the answer to: ‘how safe are pest control products, really?’

The most dangerous pest control products are mostly the DIY methods.

Due to ignorance and inexperience, the most dangerous pest control products are those that can be purchased off the shelf.The reason for this is because if it is used incorrectly, diluted incorrectly or handled carelessly, the product that claims to be safe and effective can instantly become highly dangerous and hazardous. Furthermore, a homeowner might unknowingly use a DIY pest control product in the wrong area of the home. For instance, spraying a pesticide in or around an area where food is kept is very dangerous. However, your average homeowner may not know this and the result is spoiled food and often times, illness.

If you employ the services of a professional pest control company, the pest control products are not dangerous.

Professional pest control companies are experts in their knowledge of pesticides, insecticides, termicides and all other pest control products. Pest control products and the users of these products must be registered with the Department of Agriculture – this ensures the products are safe and used in a safe manner.
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A professional pest controller will know exactly how to handle the pest control products and how to dilute the ingredients to ensure that the end product is not harmful to anyone who comes into contact with it but ultimately harmful to the pests and bugs it was designed to kill.

Pest control products have been designed to directly affect specific sized bugs – meaning that, when used correctly, they cannot affect anything bigger.

This means that your baby, toddler and even pets are safe. The reality is that a treatment in its concentrated form can be lethal to a baby or small child but a professional pest controller would ensure that contact between the two will never ever happen. Furthermore, a professional pest controller will inform you of precautionary measures that you can take so as to ensure neither you nor your family come into contact with the pest control products at all. They will advise you on how long to vacate your home (if necessary), the length of time it takes to air out and even how to prevent a future infestation. To find out more about safe, reliable and effective pest control products and methods please contact a branch of The Specialists nearest to you.  Alternatively read more about our pest control methods here.

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