in a restaurant can make or break the establishment. By employing excellent standards of hygiene and practices the reputation of your restaurant will remain intact. Whereas if the standard is sub-par your restaurant will not only lose face and lose patrons but they will also affect employee wellbeing and disempower them in their capacity to maintain hygiene within their work stations.

Sub-par hygiene practices in your restaurant will result in a pest control problem.

Restaurants are hot spots for pests as they offer them food, water, shelter and warmth. Restaurants that don’t seal up their food stuffs correctly and don’t have a sterling waste management program in place are at the highest risk of a pest infestation – the likes of rats, flies and cockroaches will be tempted to make their home in this type of establishment. The biggest danger of course being that, these pests carry diseases.

Pest control for restaurants is a service that is imperative within in any type of restaurant and must be underpinned by a proper knowledge of health and safety procedures.

Pest control for restaurants needs to be conducted by a registered and professional pest controller who will have a comprehensive knowledge of health and safety procedures. Furthermore, they will ensure that your business is compliant with municipal regulations as well as the Department of Health’s legislature. Here are five steps to pest control for restaurants (make sure that these steps are covered by the pest control service provider you choose):

Regular inspections must be conducted.

An inspection of the premises must be completed by the pest controller prior to drawing up a prevention and maintenance contract. However, the inspections should not stop there. Regular inspections of the site should occur so as to ascertain if targets are being met and standards are remaining high.
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Pests and conditions must be correctly identified for the program to be successful.

In order to make the correct prognosis from day one, a professional pest controller must identify not only the pests that are currently infesting the establishment but also identify the conditions that present within the restaurant that will be the reason for a pest infestation in the restaurant.

All pest control for restaurants begins with prevention methods.

Pest control for restaurants begins with prevention. Identifying areas which provide access for pests to enter the premises, that result in an infestation, will assist you in preventing an infestation from the get-go. Many times an alteration to the premises needs to take place in order for adequate provision to be made against the infestation of pests. Furthermore, a rigorous and scheduled cleaning program will assist with preventing pests from entering the premises too.

A comprehensive plan must be created for maintenance purposes.

A thorough and robust plan of action must be created by the pest controller. A schedule should be adhered too so that staff are guided in how to play their part in preventing pests and retaining a clean and hygienic environment.

Pest control for restaurants underpins compliance with a food safety.

South African legislation around food safety standards includes SABS (South African Bureau of Standards) guidelines. Pest control for restaurants will assist in adhering to these rigorous guidelines and standards set out and complements the running of a HACCP program in the industry.

The Specialists are expert in the fields of contract cleaning and pest control services. To ensure that your restaurants remains pest-free and hygienic please contact us directly – we are armed with all the necessary to protect your establishment, your patronage and your profits.

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