When you employed your office cleaner, you most likely supplied them with a schedule of when to vacuum, clean the bathrooms, wash the dishes and kitchen area and wash the windows. While the routine you put together sounds comprehensive and robust, this type of cleaning schedule is not even covering the minimum requirements needed to make sure your office is hygienically clean.

Health and safety in the workplace is crucial and by not having a proper hygiene regime in place, you run the risk of being non-compliant with health and safety regulations and failing an inspection. 

Lack of compliancy and failing an inspection will have severe and detrimental consequences to your business’ reputation and standing in your industry.  Furthermore, you endanger the health and wellbeing of your employees which in turn will see you suffering ill staff, resulting in downtime and the loss of revenue. A dirty office lowers productivity and increases absenteeism.

The responsibility of your office hygiene should lie with a professional hygiene services provider and not rest on the shoulders of your office cleaner.

The health of your employees is crucial to the success of your business and your workspace should facilitate their wellbeing. Professional hygiene services will ensure excellent sanitation and cleanliness in the work environment.

A professional hygiene service provider will offer you an extensive range of cleaning services that are efficient and effective.

Hygiene service providers undergo extensive training in cleaning and the maintenance of a hygienic workspace. They are able to provide hygiene services that are effective, efficient and unobstrusive. They are compliant with all legislations and SABS-approved, which means that all the services offered are non-toxic and are able to eliminate a broad spectrum of viruses.
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By choosing an expert hygiene services provider you can rest assured that the level of cleanliness is optimal, providing you and your staff a healthy work environment.

By outsourcing to a professional service provider, the hygiene in your office is no longer your concern. You can rest assured that the cleanliness in your work environment is being maintained and your staff are enjoying a safe and healthy environment. Furthermore, you will easily pass a health and safety inspection and remain compliant as your service provider is industry-certified and expertly trained. The Specialists offer hassle-free hygiene services that will leave you with superior results as we adhere to health and safety best practice. As each of the branches is owner run, you are able to enjoy a personalised service that attends to your unique needs. We make sure to maintain the hygiene in your work environment by conducting follow-ups to make sure you are completely satisfied with the service. contract cleaning Image credit - atotalkleaning.co.uk
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