We recently wrote a blog in which we unpacked a chicken food incident. In this blog we delved into the dangers of irresponsible food safety practices and how it directly impacts the community. Food safety is paramount to maintaining a healthy society and any company handling food stuffs should make sure that they are on the ball with maintaining compliance with the standards and legislations that have been set out.

In fact, running a successful restaurant has everything to do with health and safety practices and restaurant compliance, with certification to support their claims.

Recently, another food safety horror story broke about a popular fast food outlet in Braamfontein in Johannesburg. The franchisee made an effort to not waste food by not breading discarded chicken at the end of the shift. The staff made the mistake of forgetting about this new policy and tried to rectify their mistake by hosing down the chicken on a concrete floor, which was then caught on camera. The customers began to panic about the quality of the food they have been consuming. Even though this popular establishment has stated that their restaurants all receive Restaurant Operations Compliance Checks (ROCC) the ignorance of the staff has put the brand in a bad light. You can read the full story here.

The key to maintaining restaurant compliance lies in the training of your staff and educating them in best practice.

While restaurant compliance sounds like something the manager needs to oversee (and it is) it is also something that every staff member in the restaurant must have a solid grasp on. If the staff of the above mentioned fast food outlet were trained and educated in food safety and restaurant compliance, then these incidences would not have happened.
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This means that your employees should be operating as a team to ensure that all duties and tasks are being fulfilled adequately. The best way of ensuring that the stringent requirements for restaurant compliance are being adhered to, is to create a set of checklists that pertain to the specific needs of the restaurant.

The Specialists are experts in the area of food hygiene and safety, which is why we created The Restaurant Manager’s Guide to a Clean, Hygienic and Legal Operation.

This is a free downloadable guide which outlines all aspects of restaurant compliance. Having a copy of this guide on hand will assist you in creating a set of checklists that both you and your employees can tick off and turn to whenever needed. In fact, should you require any assistance regarding hygiene, food safety and restaurant compliance you can call any one of our branches directly. The Specialists will come to your premises to do a free assessment of the general state of your establishment and address your specific needs in the solutions offered.

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