Winter has arrived and with it the dreaded flu season. Warding off the flu is top of mind for everyone and conversations abound about the recommended flu shot and the powerful strength of vitamin C. Not to mention the different recipes for the best chicken soup being shared among your family, friends and colleagues. The thing is, no matter how many vitamins or immune booster tablets you are popping, you won’t be protected if you don’t make an effort with your own personal hygiene and the standard of hygiene in your immediate environment. For instance, simply washing your hands, will prevent cross contamination, prevent the spread of disease and promote personal safety. Keeping your environment clean is crucial if you want to protect yourself from winter bugs and germs.

Considering how much time we all spend in the office, this is an environment that should be kept clean.

The office environment is one that can easily become a Petri dish and breeding ground for bugs. Office cleaning should be conducted on a regular basis and by a knowledgeable team of cleaners who understand the ins and outs of how to maintain a healthy office environment. This is the only way to ensure your staff remains healthy and the office space remains hygienic.

If you happen to be in a managerial or office manager position, then office cleaning probably falls on your shoulders.

Rest assured that by employing a professional cleaning service to perform your office cleaning, your work space will not become a breeding ground for illness. The office cleaning will be conducted regularly as per the contract you set up with the service provider – which means it’s a hassle-free exercise that is performed with little to no unnecessary administration or the like.
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Many smaller companies employ an individual cleaner who is expected to do all the office cleaning.

Employing a domestic worker to perform commercial cleaning tasks is going to result in a sub-par hygiene standard in the office. A domestic worker is not educated or trained on the type of deeper cleaning needed in an office space – whereas a professional office cleaning outfit will include services such as carpet, window and ablution cleaning. In order to ensure that your office environment doesn’t proliferate the spread of flu and other sicknesses, you need to make use of a professional office cleaning service.

Personal office cleaning includes educating your staff on the importance of personal hygiene best practice.

It would be advisable to create colourful and easily spotted information cards around the office, reminding your staff of how to keep healthy in the work environment. Furthermore, you could offer waterless hand sanitisers at various stations in and around the office space. Personal hygiene best practice includes not re-using tissues, covering your mouth when sneezing or coughing and, working from home if in the throes of battling a contagious bug. If you would like to know more about professional office cleaning services that will keep your work space and staff healthy this winter, then please contact The Specialists directly or, browse through our comprehensive bouquet of cleaning services.

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