Isn’t it ironic how carpets are an incredibly expensive investment that we make in our homes and yet they are trodden on by our dirty shoes, often spilt on and used as by our pets as makeshift beds? While the quick answer might be to get rid of your carpets and tile the floors throughout your home, this will make the house cold and require you to spend additional money on rugs. Not to mention sending them off for dry cleaning where they might get spoiled. Furthermore, your plush well-kept carpets can up the resale value on your home but only if they are well looked after.

Dry carpet cleaning is the answer to ensuring your carpets remain plush and luxurious and continue to add value to your property.

By choosing professional and expert cleaning services you are guaranteed that your carpets are cared for and are receiving the very best treatment. The majority of carpet cleaning services are performed via a wet process – these wet cleaning systems require drying time which has left many with concerns about the effect this moisture has on their carpets. Excess moisture left on the carpets can result in mould and mildew and will certainly create an unpleasant pungent musky odour and if you wet carpet cleaning process is performed inefficiently this may occur. Enter: dry carpet cleaning processes. Dry carpet cleaning works off a ‘very low moisture’ system, has a rapid drying time and is less labour-intensive than the traditional methods and processes.

Here are the ins and outs of how dry carpet cleaning works:

Detergents or emulsifiers are sprayed onto the carpeted area and if there is a particularly soiled spot then a manual application of the appropriate cleaning product (pre-treatments/pre-conditioners) is necessary. These cleaning products will break through the binding properties of the dirt, grease, grime and the like. The detergents or emulsifiers should be sprayed onto the carpeted area no more than fifteen minutes before the dry carpet cleaning process begins.
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Once the cleaning products have soaked into the carpets after ten to fifteen minutes, a rough and thorough brushing of the carpets must be performed. This brushing is performed by an agitator with counter-rotating brushes. It agitates the dirt, grit and grime and ensures that the treatment products are worked through the carpet completely. After the brushing and once the carpet is dry all the dirt, grit and grime is easily removed by a vacuum cleaner. This leaves the carpeted area dry and clean immediately This is not a once-off clean and must be performed at regular junctures in order to maintain the cleanliness of the carpets and keep them dust and allergen-free. Furthermore, if there is an area of the carpet that is particularly stained this procedure may be performed numerous times in that area. By employing a professional cleaning service to perform your dry carpet cleaning you are able to rest assured that your carpets are being cleaned in a safe and non-toxic manner and will be resistance to re-soiling. The process also uses very little water and your carpets will be fresh and clean within hours as opposed to days. What’s more, you can be guaranteed that a professional dry carpet cleaning outfit will use products that are safe, that actively disinfect your carpets, that kill off dust mites, is anti-bacterial and works as fabric freshener too. To find out more about dry carpet cleaning and to chat with a consultant about your specific needs please contact one of the branches of The Specialists – an expert is at the ready to assist you.
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