Just about every office has a trusted cleaner. These cleaners have a hard job – they vacuum, do the dirty dishes, mop the floors, clean the bathrooms, take out the trash and clean the windows. While this sounds like quite a comprehensive cleaning schedule, unfortunately, it is usually sub-par by proper office hygiene standards. By only having your cleaner perform perfunctory tasks you will not pass a health and safety inspection. You however still expect your office cleaner to perform to legislative standards. As a business owner it is your responsibility to provide a hygienically clean and safe place of work for your employees. The Department of Health has requirements regarding office hygiene that must be adhered to and without doing so you will be contravening compliance laws. Besides non-compliance, there are other problems that will occur in your work environment should it not remain hygienically clean. By hiring a contract cleaner you’ll  rest assured that your office is clean, safe and observing all compliance standards. Here are some more reasons why your business needs a contract cleaner:

Contract cleaning maintains productivity.

If your office is not cleaned properly you might find your staff’s productivity hitting an all-time low. Allergies and illness could run riot resulting in heightened absenteeism especially during season change. Allergies are often disregarded as ‘not that bad’ but dust and mould can cause a severe allergic reaction to any susceptible staff member, especially if they are asthmatic.  Similarly, the cold months tend to bring with them the flu season and a dirty environment will weaken your staff’s immune system which can result in them catching the flu. Sick staff means they cannot work optimally and will be required sick leave to recover. What’s more, if they return to a dirty office environment after recovery then they are bound to fall ill once again. By employing a contract cleaner, your office will be a healthy environment that supports a healthy workforce.
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They have had comprehensive training and use right equipment for each job.

By employing a contract cleaner you have a dedicated team of professionals working solely on maintaining the cleanliness of your office space with your business’s unique needs in mind. They are trained to identify areas of concern and will begin their contract by assessing your workspace’s needs. A specific team of trained individual will be sent to your premises to address all your needs and it is the responsibility of the contract cleaner to see to any additional training of their staff should standards change or new technologies develop. The maintenance of the equipment is the responsibility of the contract cleaner so there is no additional expense to be concerned about should the equipment fail or break on your premises.

Employing a contract cleaner alleviates many burdens and creates a sense of security about the environment you have supplied your employees.

Contract cleaners also take care of the administration behind having a hygienically clean workspace. A contract cleaning company takes care of the cleaning staff with regards to wages, UIF, compensation and insurance – which removes that burden from you entirely. To find out more about contract cleaning please have a look at our ebook, Contract Cleaning and Your Business. We have unpacked all the ins and outs with regards to this particular subject. contract cleaning Image credit - Swift UK
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