Professional carpet cleaning is a must if you want to prolong your carpet’s lifespan. In fact, carpets that are regularly cleaned will last twice as long as those that don’t undergo regular maintenance.

Quick-fix carpet cleaning tips that don’t need a professional touch and that are believed to save money can often damage your carpet which resulting in you having to replace them far sooner than expected.  These amateur carpet cleaning tips sound like the business, but they won’t provide you with the deep clean you are after. This means that your carpets will remain dirty and any dust mites, mould and mould spores will not be removed. These and other allergens that can be found in carpets contribute to hay fever, asthma and other respiratory problems.

Here are a four popular but terrible carpet cleaning tips that will only leave you disenchanted and with dirty carpets:

Once you have your carpet professionally cleaned it looks different and won’t ever be the same again so rather wait.

Every time you have your carpet professionally cleaned it should look better than it did before. If you wait to clean your carpet you’re simply creating a possible health hazard.

Don’t vacuum your carpet too often as it will cause it to deteriorate.

Whether you vacuum your carpet every day or whether you vacuum your carpet once a month, vacuuming will not cause any damage to your rug. If you don’t vacuum your carpet you are allowing for an incredible build-up of dirt and grime which are a health hazard to your family.

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Choose the cheapest professional carpet cleaning service because they do exactly the same job just for less money.

Professional carpet cleaning should leave your carpets clean not only on the surface, but right to the base of the pile. If the reason that the carpet cleaning service provider charges incredibly low rates it’s because they use sub-par cleaning products. They more than likely don’t maintain and replace their equipment, don’t perform a deep clean or employ enough people to do a comprehensive clean leaving your carpets in a worse condition than they were before the clean. Often they won’t move furniture to clean underneath, and don’t place professional feet pads under legs of furniture to prevent oil and rust marks forming. Rather find out about the carpet cleaning methods they use and ask for references from their current clientele.

Only employ a professional carpet cleaning service if your carpet is stained.

The dirt and residue that builds up in your carpet is often unseen. By only cleaning when a stain occurs you are allowing for an incredible amount of dirt to build-up that may go unnoticed. It’s wise to have your carpets professionally cleaned once a year and continue to regularly vacuum.

The best carpet cleaning tip around is to employ a professional and reputable carpet cleaning service provider.

In this way, you can rest assured that your specific needs will be attended to and your carpets will be well-maintained. You can feel confident that you won’t be forking out an enormous amount of money any time soon to replace the carpets in your home. Furthermore, a professional carpet cleaner should be able to offer you both wet and dry carpet cleaning options and tailor-make a solution that not only addresses all of your concerns but that suits your budget too.

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If you have any questions about carpet cleaning tips that the professionals support, please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest branch of The Specialists. We are experts in carpet cleaning and with our extensive experience and knowledge we can offer you plenty of carpet cleaning tips to help you maintain and protect your carpets while extending their lifespan.

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