Did you know that properly drying your hands is crucial to preventing the spread of disease? In fact, correct and effective hand drying is a vitally important part of the hand washing process. The spread of bacteria and infectious diseases occurs far more easily with wet skin. When choosing a hygiene system to use in key areas where germs can be found, an effective hand drying system is paramount.

In an office filled with people, germs are everywhere and implementing effective hygiene systems in key areas where germs gather helps to keep your staff healthy.

The key areas where germs occur are places such as the bathroom, kitchen and dining areas. We recently had a look at the importance of hand hygiene, read the blog here, as germs are easily spread from person to person via hand contact. By taking care when choosing the most effective hygiene systems for your office and then teaching your staff about hand and personal hygiene, you are able to mitigate against sickness spreading amongst your employees.

But which do you choose - the paper towel or the hot air?

Hand drying systems are the point of many a debate as choosing an effective hand drying system is key to having excellent hygiene systems in place. The effectiveness of the two systems is judged by their ability to quickly dry your hands, to remove all bacteria and to prevent cross-contamination. By these standards, paper towels are the victor and here’s why: 1. Paper towels will remove far more water than air dryers as almost all the water can be removed in one single wipe with one piece of paper towel.
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2. Because paper towels can be used quite vigorously, the friction results in almost all the bacteria being removed off your hands whereas air dryers do not have the power to remove the bacteria off your hands. 3. Every time a toilet is flushed germs enter the air. These germs can often be found in the air dryers and the movement of the air by the air dryers encourages the transmission of the bacteria which then increases the chances of cross contamination. 4. The air dryers are often home to lingering bacteria so when you make use of them you could very well be, unknowingly, breathing in bacteria that may result in you becoming ill. 5. The bacteria that may be coming out of the air dryer can also be deposited onto your clothes, which means you could become a source of infection. The obvious end result is that paper towels are the better choice of hygiene system when it comes to drying your hands. However, this means that you are using a lot of paper towelling which is not considered an environmentally friendly way of operating. Many offices have opted for an air drying system, and if this is the case in your particular workspace, there are other ways in which you can implement hygiene systems that will protect the employees and make for a hygienic environment.

Implementing a hygiene system that calls for a regular deep clean of the office will prevent the spread of bacteria.

Ensuring that a regular deep clean of the office space is performed and no area goes amiss is vital if you want to create a healthy working environment. You can gain immediate peace of mind if you contract a professional commercial cleaning service as they are trained in performing all the cleaning tasks that rid your premises of bacteria. They will pay attention to all the key areas where germs can be found and environments that are volatile, such as the bathroom, are kept hygienically clean and safe. Ablution cleaning is of paramount importance and a contract cleaner will attend to this area with precision and care.
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To find out more about hygiene systems or contract cleaning please don’t hesitate to contact the branch of The Specialists nearest to you. We are experts in matters of hygiene and we are willing to answer any of your questions and assist you in creating an environment that is safe and hygienically clean. contract cleaning Image credit - Friendship Circle  
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