If you haven’t yet heard of Gordon Ramsay’s hit show ‘Kitchen Nightmares then we suggest you tune in, as it is a thoroughly entertaining show. This live wire of a chef takes many a restaurateur to task about the state of their kitchens but always with the end goal of turning the restaurant around and transforming it into a clean and profitable establishment.

Opening a fast food business is a popular business venture for many an entrepreneur in South Africa, but if Gordon Ramsey visited your establishment would you pass his gruelling health inspection?

Gordon Ramsay takes no prisoners in this particular TV program and he brings to light many of the pitfalls of lackadaisical restaurant owners. In the business of food you really can’t cut corners because a health inspection could see you land in hot water with the law. What’s more, the success of your food business relies as much on the quality of your food as it does on your food hygiene practices. In order to ensure that you are following food safety best practice, which will see you pass a health inspection, you need to run your business in a way that is safe, clean, well-organised and make sure that your staff are trained.

Making things run smoothly in your fast food outlet includes keeping record of all activities.

You can keep record by using a management system that is kept updated with all important daily checks such as the working order of the ovens, fryers, the temperature of the fridges or storage areas and the cooking utensils. Furthermore, you need to note when something has been broken and is repaired or when an incident of food poisoning or the like has occurred. Also, note when you have added a new offering to your menu or installed a new appliance.
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You should keep a record of your cleaning activities too, but if you employ a professional contract cleaner they will to do this for you, it allows you to rest assured that a proper job is being done. Kitchens and bathrooms need to be cleaned on a daily basis but there are some areas that need to be cleaned less frequently. It is advisable though that you consult with a professional about cleaning activities in your fast food restaurant as sanitising different surfaces requires different products and equipment. Record keeping of all the training your staff has undergone is vitally important. Educated staff are an asset to your business and it is imperative that they undergo health and safety training. More specifically, your staff with a fair amount of responsibility should attend a hygiene course together with a HACCP course so that they are aware of acting within the bounds of compliancy.

If you employ the services of a professional contract cleaner you will not only pass a Ramsey health inspection, but you may even impress this hard-to-please culinary expert.

If Gordon Ramsey were to do a health inspection of your premises you can expect him to look in places that you hadn’t thought of. He would be climbing your walls checking out your grease traps and canopies and going into the ladies bathroom to check on sanitation. Maintaining a level of optimal cleanliness in your fast food enterprise is a difficult task but delegating this task to a professional cleaning service means that hygiene levels will be preserved. The Specialists offer a range of comprehensive cleaning services that will help you to keep your food business in tip top shape. Please contact one of our branches today to consult about your specific cleaning and hygiene service needs.
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