A bird infestation is dangerous. They carry infectious diseases through the ecto-parasites that live on their feathers which include mites and ticks. Their droppings and their nests house can have serious health consequences such as lung disease, encephalitis, salmonellosis, hystolasmosis and New Castle disease. Essentially, leaving a bird infestation untreated is a serious health risk to all in the surrounding area. You can quite easily spot a bird infestation as you will hear them and the cries from the young chicks. You will also be able to see the nests and any wayward nesting material that is left scattered around your premises. Birds are also notorious for damaging any stock if they have gotten into your storage area which will immediately alert you to their presence, not to mention the heaps of droppings found around where the birds roost.

There are certain areas of your property where you should check regularly for a bird infestation.

Birds will often make use of nooks and crannies in tall buildings and flat rooftops in which to nest. They also enjoy chimney stacks, gutters, balconies and culverts. Any gap in your property that is bigger than 2,5cm is a potential entry point for a bird and they are bound to explore and perhaps nest in that area. Birds are also fairly strong so they can damage the building structure in order to create a space in which to nest.

If you find you have a bird infestation then you need to immediately contact bird control services.

Choosing the correct bird control services provider can be daunting though, so here are the three important attributes to look for when choosing a bird control services expert:
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Look for bird control services that offer a thorough survey and analysis of your problem.

The service provider you choose should always offer a survey of your property and an in-depth analysis of the severity of the problem. A recommendation of the prevention measures available should be presented together with a quote.

Make sure the bird control services provider offers proofing measures that are humane.

The birds should not ever be harmed in an attempt to get rid of the infestation. Humane bird proofing measures include netting, metal wire, liquid repellent and bristle-like spikes. These solutions work on the premise of exclusion in which the mechanisms discourage birds from nesting in the area.

Professional bird control services will include sanitation measures.

The service providers you choose should remove the nests for you and use a treatment that eliminates the dangerous parasites. They will offer advice on the removal of any food sources that might be attracting the birds. The most professional service providers will advise on architectural design and rid your premises of temporary water sources. The Specialists offer bird control services that are comprehensive, robust and will rid you of future bird infestations. Please contact us directly to find out more.

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