Stains on any kind of fabric are difficult get rid of. In this infographic from they unpack the various common fabric stains and how to remove them with regular household items. View the infographic here. Common items that can cause terrible stains are those listed in the infographic above. We have all experienced the hassle of trying to remove chocolate, coffee, ink or blood stains from our clothes, carpets and curtains. If you have little children or pets in the home, you are likely to be on constant high alert trying to prevent stains from damaging your furnishings or clothes.

There are some household items that you can reach for should there be a spill.                

Suggested household fabric stain removers such as baking soda, milk, hairspray and even beer have been cited as being able to lift a stain. We are uncertain as to how well these household stain removal items perform, but many of these ingredients have been passed down from mothers to their children as fabric stain solutions over the years. So there must be some truth to it. We prefer to stick to new cleaning technologies and products that offer a proven result and a guarantee that your items that require fabric stain removal are left looking smart and clean.

Over the years your home’s furnishings will suffer through many spills and stains. But how you treat those spills and stains is vitally important to maintaining the condition of furnishings or clothing.

The Specialists are experts in cleaning and lifting out tough stains is part of our game. We see many carpets, furniture and even mattresses with tough fabric stains that we are called in to clean. We have a range of cleaning services which include dry and wet carpet cleaning, curtain cleaning, mattress cleaning and upholstery cleaning. By making use of a professional cleaning service, you can rest assured that your carpets and furnishings will be given a deep clean that will remove all your fabric stains and ultimately, maintain the items. Because curtains, carpets and lounge suites are a costly investment, treating them to professional cleaning care will increase their lifespan and save you money in the end.
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To find out more about professional cleaning services for your home please contact a branch of The Specialists nearest to you or have a look at our website offerings <hyperlink:> . Furthermore, if you have an office space that you would like to keep in pristine condition or office furnishings and carpets that could do with a deep clean to remove all the fabric stains, please have a browse through our free guide on Contract Cleaning and your Business.   contract cleaning Photo Credit: Lifehack
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