It can be said that cleaning your house when you sharing it with little children, is like brushing your teeth while you’re eating Oreos. Most parents struggle to get their kids to clean up their rooms, let alone get them to help keep the rest of the home clean. The secret to getting your kids to help you clean up is to keep them involved in the process. Firstly, don’t try and fool them into helping you. This won’t work and they are probably smarter than you think so they will see through your fibs. What’s more, they are often smart enough to understand you wanting to have a clean home and if you teach them from a young age they will grow up valuing the importance of a clean and hygienic home. Here are a few cleaning tips for including your kids in the upkeep of your home:

If you want the job done right you need to supply the appropriate tools – kids appropriate tools.

Providing your children with safe products and easy-to-use equipment will make teaching them cleaning tips a whole lot easier. Dangerous chemicals will place your kids at risk and also have you on edge – this will only cause you and your children stress. If you want your little ones to learn to vacuum their rooms ensure you have a vacuum cleaner that isn’t too heavy for them. Alternatively, provide them with a kiddies broom – these are available at lots of toy stores or home ware stores.

Choose chores that are within your child’s capabilities or you may end up with a disaster.

If you don’t want broken cleaning tools, windows smashed by broomsticks and cleaning products spilt on furniture then be aware of the chores you give your kids to complete. Your toddlers are only capable of small chores, like picking up their toys, feeding the pets and putting the laundry into the washing machine. Expecting a three year old to sweep, mop, vacuum, dust or even wipe down a table is overly ambitious. You will probably be re-doing their chores for them and cleaning up the subsequent mess they have made. Whereas a school going child of between six to 10 years old can perform the chores mentioned above as well as try their hand at taking the trash out, folding and packing their clean clothes away, changing their bed sheets and taking responsibility for the pets you have.
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As with most tit-bits of advice on teaching children, cleaning tips for kids include creating a cleaning schedule and a star chart.

Your kids are just as busy as you are. They have their own little lives that they are managing and their schedules are often filled with extra-murals and activities. By creating a cleaning schedule you give them the opportunity to pre-empt what they need to complete when they get home. This schedule doesn’t have to be extensive, a quick 15 minute clean every evening before bed can sort out most quick chores. Also, using a star chart works very well with kids of all ages as it rewards them for being responsible and sticking to their commitments. The rewards are motivating and having a chart will allow you to keep track of what cleaning has taken place and how often.

Lastly, a cleaning tip that should always be highlighted is to change what is not working.

Your kids are unique, they are individual and what may motivate their friends may not motivate them.  If something is not working or your children are not keeping to the schedule then make a change. Maintaining a schedule is important, but don’t force something that is causing misery and arguments. You should always bear this particular cleaning tip in mind as cleaning the house and instilling a cleanliness regime should be a fun and positive journey for your children. The Specialists have a wealth of knowledge about cleaning your home and cleaning tips aplenty to share. If you have a specific concern about cleaning in your home or if you would like any part of your home or furnishings to have a professional deep clean then please give us a call directly. We have a comprehensive bouquet of cleaning services available which you can view here contract cleaning Photo Credit: Blog With Mom
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