The presence of any type of pest in your office environment will cause concern among your staff members. Some might simply be fearful, but the overriding perception will most likely be one that your premises are dirty.

There are many types of ants found in South Africa.

There are thousands of different types of ant species found all over the world. In South Africa, there are three main ant species you are likely to find in your home or office environment: the Black Sugar Ant, the Argentine Ant and the Brown House Ant. Different ant species will cause different types of damage to your operation and premises but essentially they are pests you want to keep out and ant control is the best way to do this.

The most common areas where you might find an ant infestation are in your electrics, your water sources and in your tiling.

If you find that you are sharing your work space with worker ants then you can be certain there is a nest nearby. Ants are not considered dangerous pests nor are they considered to be carrying any type of disease, but they can cause damage to your property if you don’t call on ant control professionals to eradicate the problem. Unlike termites and other pests, ants won’t actually eat through wood or wiring for any nutritional value, but they will do whatever is necessary to make their nest. By making use of professional ant control services you can quickly and effective rid your premises of an infestation and prevent a new one from occurring.
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Here’s what you can expect from a professional ant control service provider:

  • A robust range of solutions that will see to your ant control needs regardless of the type of species that is infesting your work environment.
  • Efficient and effective ant control insecticides that are of a high standard and safe.
  • Ant control techniques and products that will prevent future infestations.

The best way to prevent any type of ant infestation is to keep your work environment clean and tidy.

To prevent ants from making your offices their foraging grounds, ensure that you clear all food away or keep it in sealed containers. Crumbs, spills and leaks need to be cleaned up and fixed as ants are attracted by food remnants and water spills. Furthermore, any cracks and crevices must be sealed up as these tiny critters will find their way through these openings. To find out more about ant control for your offices or commercial premises please contact The Specialists as they offer comprehensive ant control that will eradicate any current infestations and prevent any future ones.   [hs_action id="1098"] Photo Credit: MacroPhotoz
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