There’s a lot of stress involved in moving house or office. Out of common courtesy you need to ensure that your property is clean and ready for the new owners, but this requires the professional services of post-occupation cleaning experts. What’s more, you can’t run the risk of losing your deposit due to the space being in a less than acceptable state when you move out.

Leaving the space clean is not only polite, it will also ensure that your deposit is returned to you with no hassles.

Post-occupation cleaning services are the best way to ensure that your deposit is safe and that you leave nothing behind. When you move offices the best decision you can make is to call in professional post-occupation cleaning services. Commercial spaces often require different types of cleaning services than a home would and ‘clean’ is not ‘clean’ unless a professional has worked over the space. Here are a couple of things to bear in mind when choosing a professional post-occupation cleaning service provider:

Ask for references.

The post-occupation cleaning service provider should be able to prove their worth by sharing testimonials from happy and satisfied clients. Ask them about whom they have done work for and if you could call them for a reference. Ideally, find out if they work alongside estate agencies or property managers and give those clients a call to find out about their service delivery.

Find out how safe and environmentally friendly their products are.

Find out what kind of products are used by the post-occupation service provider you are considering. If they claim to use eco-friendly products (which is ideal), find out what they consist of that makes them green and environmentally safe. In this way you can rest assured that the new owners will move into a space that is clean and safe.
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Find out what you can do to help and ask the professionals for guidance. Moving is an enormous undertaking and it’s your responsibility to make sure that you have adequately cleaned the space but you can ask for help. You and the service provider you choose should work together so that you don’t risk losing your deposit and that the new tenants can enjoy the new space. Ask your post-occupation cleaning service provider to give you a list of the things you must take care of before they come in and do a deep clean. The Specialists are experts at all types of cleaning. We offer a comprehensive pre post-occupation cleaning service that will make sure the space you leave behind is clean and hygienic. To find out more about our post-occupation cleaning services please contact a branch of The Specialists near you. To view our bouquet of cleaning and pest control services in its entirety please have a look at our website here . contract cleaning Photo Credit: Estate Agent Dudley
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