Our pest of the month is the rat. There a many different types of rats but in South Africa we experience two of them, namely the black rat or Rattus Rattus and the brown rat or Rattus Norvegicus. Rats have a worldwide reputation for being a deadly and destructive pest that can be linked to many deadly diseases. They are considered the main reason for the dreadful Bubonic Plague and have been directly linked to a number of diseases that are dangerous to humans.

Here’s our rats fact sheet:

  • Rats are extremely destructive. They can cause an enormous amount of environmental degradation, and the black rat in particular, is cited as the world’s most invasive pest. The brown rat has a similar reputation but is considered even more aggressive than the black rat, and both are often found as stow-aways on ships.
  • The only rat-free continent in the entire world is Antarctica. Its climate is too severe and harsh for the rats to survive.
  • The black rat doesn’t burrow but nests in walls or attics in the home and vines and trees outside.
  • The brown rat does burrow and can be found inside and outside the house as well as in sewers.
  • Common diseases that rats carry are salmonella, Weil’s disease, coli and TB.
  • Rats are known to carry fleas, mites and ticks which can cause severe allergic reactions.
  • Rats are secretive creatures and not easily seen. So if you do spot a rat then you should be alerted to the fact that there may be a full-blown infestation nearby. It is only when the rats have over-populated their space that they are forced out into the open.
  • You can spot a rat infestation by the presence of rat droppings and dirty or greasy marks along the walls and floorboards of your property.
  • Trapping rats can be a challenge because they are very skeptical of foreign objects in their environment or on their foraging paths. A professional is needed to eradicate a rat infestation.
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If you suspect a rat infestation then you need rodent control.

Rodent control should only ever be administered by a team of professionals. Using a professional rodent control service means you can rest assured that the infestation will be eradicated effectively, in an environmentally friendly way, with safety as the top priority. There are DIY rodent control methods available, but they will only treat the infestation on a short term basis. The rats will eventually return and each time they do, you are in danger of disease or damage done to your property. The Specialists are experts in professional rodent control. The Specialists’ promise is effective treatment solutions that act quickly and that won’t endanger you, the environment or your pets. To find out more please contact one of the pest control branches of The Specialists. New Call-to-action Photo Credit : Skateandannoy
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