Summer time sees an influx of flies and they have the potential to drive everyone crazy. One fly is capable of laying up to 9000 eggs which means that we all have good reason to freak out when a fly is bothering us. To be fair, it is impossible to completely eliminate flies but there are a couple of things you can do that will deter them.

Here are the top three things you can do to keep the flies at bay:

Keep the doors closed as much as possible, especially when you are cooking. Flies are attracted to food items and anything sweet. What’s more, they are carnivorous and even just having meat defrosting in the kitchen can attract them. If you would like to keep the doors open then point a fan in the direction of the open door as this will ward off the flies because they don’t like wind. Make sure your trash is properly disposed of in bins that are sealed. Trash, fermenting food and the like will attract flies. Getting rid of flies means making sure your indoor and outdoor bins are properly sealed and making sure there is no spillage. Drain the water that collects around your premises. Flies love standing water and while you can’t do anything about a lake or pond nearby, ensure you empty out the bird bath, trash can lids, play area tyres and your gutters. Professionally getting rid of flies is a better bet than any and pest control professionals will be able to help you maintain a fly-free environment.
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Here’s what expert pest controllers will do to assist you with getting rid of flies:

  • They exclude the flies by proofing the doors and windows, even roof vents that restrict access to the property.
  • They will employ and implement good housekeeping practices that remove any potential breeding areas.
  • They can tailor-make a solution to suit your needs that will ensure the flies are kept at bay.
  • They provide on-going maintenance which means regular inspections are done of your premises.

Professional pest controllers help with getting rid of flies through an integrated pest management system.

The Specialists are expert pest controllers and we have a comprehensive range of fly repellent products that will offer you a comprehensive integrated pest management system. We have products that will suit all your fly problems and that will quickly and efficiently resolve an infestation. While there are many D.I.Y solutions available for getting rid of flies they are not long-lasting. To get rid of an established fly problem you should look to the professionals. request-a-pest-control-quote Photo Credit : Photography on the net
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