Summer is already upon us – unless you live in the Mother City, that is – and with it comes the build-up holiday of excitement as we look forward to weekends away and holidays on the coast. Chances are you’re thinking more about the Rugby World Cup, braais, beers and beaches than your holiday cleaning plan. Believe it or not, clean accommodation will make your summer holidays even more enjoyable – you’ve got to admit there’s nothing worse than trying to relax surrounded by dust, stained carpets and grimy windows! And your post-holiday cleaning plan is just as important as maintaining a spotless holiday space during the holiday. Let’s take a look at why post-holiday cleaning is a must, and some sure-fire ways to guarantee that all the stress is taken out of it.

Cleaning your holiday accommodation will save you money and ensure the longevity of your home’s interior

You might be travelling down from Gauteng to go stay in a seaside cottage in Paternoster, or be escaping Cape Town for your holiday home in the Breede Valley, but whether you own or rent your holiday accommodation, leaving it even cleaner than you found it should be as much a part of your list of things to do as making sure the wine rack is full. Not only will a dirty house be unpleasant for the people staying in it after you, but you might risk losing a deposit if you return the house to its owners in a slovenly state. If it’s your own home, then deep cleaning the place after your summer stay will mean you’re welcomed back to a spotless house next time you visit. Not only that, but taking good care of the carpets, windows, furniture and curtains in your house will mean you can use them for longer: saving you money in the long run.
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Make sure you clean as you go, to avoid a major clean-up operation at the end of the holidays

Holiday cleaning is important for your state of mind during your stay, and will also mean that the clean-up operation at the end isn’t as severe as it might be if you put off those cleaning chores. Food and wine stains should be cleaned up as soon as spills happen to avoid damaging carpets and upholstery. Keep a bottle of white wine on hand to splash over red wine stains and make sure you’ve got enough dishcloths and sanitiser in the house. If you use tablecloths these should be washed every day, even if they don’t look dirty.

It’s important to clean all kitchen utensils, glassware and braai areas

Pots, pans and glassware need to be thoroughly cleaned at the end of your break, otherwise they’ll be even harder to clean several months down the line when they’re next needed. Try using lemon juice to get rid of odours in pans, and wash glasses by hand in hot, soapy water. Don’t forget to scour kitchen utensils, either – especially can openers and knives. When leaving the house, make sure the braai area has been cleared of all leftover food and that you dispose of any ashes. This isn’t just to make it look neat, but to avoid attracting pests that are in search of a good meal.

Tackle cleaning as a team, and leave the hard parts to the professionals

The best way to approach holiday cleaning is to tackle it as a team: many hands make light work, as the saying goes. Rather than see the post-holiday deep cleaning as a chore, get a few family members together, turn on the stereo and crack open a few beers while you clean. Just don’t overdo it! That said, even the most meticulous team of cleaners will struggle to clean areas like ceilings, mattresses and top floor windows. Tasks like the deep cleaning of carpets should be left to professionals who know the best treatment for your type of carpet.  If you’re going away for the holidays, you might want to also consider having your home deep cleaned, so that you won’t be disturbed by the team of cleaning experts.
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