If you’ve ever come home from a long day at the office, and looked around in despair at a pile of dishes, dirty laundry and dust bunnies collecting in a corner, consider this. A mere century ago, modern cleaning gadgets, including the dishwasher (also known as the ‘relationship saver’), vacuum cleaners and washing machines weren’t yet invented, making cleaning a back-breaking, time-sucking affair. Modern cleaning gadgets have revolutionised the way we keep house, and will continue to do so until the robot apocalypse. Or will they? As awe-inducing as the newest cleaning inventions are, will they ever be able to replace the need for cleaning services?

Vacuum cleaners in the form of robots. (Or is it the other way around?)

Vacuum cleaners are awesome. Self-propelled, ‘intelligent’ vacuum cleaners are even better. These disk-shaped wonders skim your floors, sucking up pet hair, dust, and dirt as they go. When they detect an obstacle in front of them, they divert their course. (Similar to a Kreepy Krawly, but smarter). The Samsung Navibot Vacuum Cleaner is equipped with a ‘Visionary Mapping System’ and camera, allowing it to map out the most efficient route around your house. While slightly Orwellian in nature, robotic vacuum cleaners are the answer to every harried house owner’s prayers.

Self-cleaning litter boxes

Cat lovers everywhere, rejoice! Being the owner of a cat (or nine) is an honour. That feeling becomes somewhat muddied, however, when it’s time to clean out their litter boxes. Notoriously fussy about where they do their business, cats will find another spot to relive themselves if they deem their boxes too dirty to diddle in. Luckily, the LitterMaid makes that scenario obsolete. Currently available on Amazon, the futuristic feline toilet comes with a hefty price tag of about R2800.
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Laptop cleaning putty

If you’re reading this, chances are it’s on a laptop or PC. Even if you’re not a germaphobe, regular cleaning of your keyword is crucial, when you consider the fact that keyboards can harbour more germs than a dirty toilet seat. (According to UK consumer group Which?) This laptop cleaner, in the form of biodegradable, non-toxic putty cleans your keyword by sticking to dirt and grime.

Dirt-trapping doormats

The only thing worse than having to manually scrub your floors is having to do it all over again as soon as muddied feet walk through the door. Thanks to the latest incarnation of the doormat, charmingly named Dr Doormat, floors everywhere can stay cleaner, for longer. This gadget works by trapping allergens and toxins before someone enters the house, thanks to its antimicrobial function.

Futuristic gadgets are handy, but come with a substantial price tag. What’s more, there’s still not (as yet) an all-in-one replacement for cleaning services.

While robotic vacuum cleaners and clever cat boxes are proof that technology is on our side, investing in a smart device that makes keeping house that much easier requires deep pockets. What the inventors of these gadgets don’t mention, is that these machines all need to be cleaned and serviced at some point – which makes their upkeep an incredibly expensive exercise. There’s a reason that cleaning services – from deep cleans in homes and offices, to the window cleaning of sky scrapers – is still the preferred option; they’re conducted by human beings with extensive knowledge and skills. Quite simply, electronic devices are no match for elbow grease and expertise.
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Gadgets are great – and have their place. But in order to guarantee a thoroughly sanitised environment, cleaning services are the best option.

As with any new product, brands are quick to wax lyrical about the almost miraculous functions of their product, but, in order to ensure sales, leave out the bit where they tell you that their product is no replacement for cleaning services conducted by a specialist. We’re by no means saying that a robotic vacuum cleaner isn’t a great addition to your home, but we are saying that cleaning gadgets cannot guarantee a deep-cleaned, hygienic environment. We offer a variety of cleaning services, from wet and dry carpet cleaning, to window cleaning, to office cleaning (including keyboard sanitising) and more. Call us today to find out how we can help you. contract cleaning Photo credit - electrodry
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