If you’re awaiting the arrival of in-laws or guests from far-flung destinations – you’ll be inundated with last-minute cleaning tasks as you prep for their arrival. While we can’t magically manifest a cleaning fairy for you, we can give you some quick, effective fabric protection tips to make sure your home is ready (and survives the festivities to boot). Without further ado, here are our fabric protection tips you’ll appreciate this festive season:

Protect machine-washable fabric by adding a tablespoon of salt into your wash.

Protect rugs, couch and cushion covers and throws that will soon be at the mercy of your houseguests with this super easy (and cheap) trick. The chloride helps to seal in the colour of the fabric.

Clean up grease stains in a jiffy with white chalk.

Rub the offending spot with some white chalk (the kind you used at school). This absorbs the grease, making it easier to clean. Wait a while, the wipe off and treat with some whipped detergent (recipe below).

Remove grubby stains from careless kids and canines with rubbing alcohol or vinegar.

If your microfiber couch has seen better days, simply rub the dirty areas with either white spirit vinegar or rubbing alcohol. Voila – good as new.

Make your own super stain remover with dishwashing liquid.

Home-keeping website Apartment Therapy swear by this formula for stains of all kinds. Fill a plastic container with equal parts Sunlight liquid (the kind you use to wash your dishes) and warm water – then whisk the mixture with a hand mixer. Apply with a cloth and rub vigorously (this takes a bit of elbow grease) until the liquid forms a layer of froth over the stain. Rinse or wipe with water and you’re done!
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Call in the professionals for a range of effective, efficient fabric protection.

While these DIY fabric protection hacks work – some stubborn stains and well-loved fabric needs some professional attention. Besides taking a lot of your precious time, conducting your own fabric protection may not adequately clean carpets, curtains and upholstery. Contrary to popular belief, professional upholstery cleaners don’t charge and arm and a leg, and have a quick turn-around time to boot. Contact us   today about our carpet cleaning services, fabric protection services and mattress cleaning services – we’ll get your home holiday-ready in no time. Health and Safety Guide Photo credit - goodhousekeeping
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