The end of the working year is in sight! As companies around the country wind down for the festive season, many of them will be celebrating another year of hard graft with a soiree of sorts. And, of course, a soiree generally goes hand-in-hand with a post-party mess. But don’t panic, The Specialists can assist with pre- and post-party office cleaning that will assure your year-end doo is a sparkling success no matter which of our office party ideas you choose:
  1. Clean up after your company cabaret

Make your end-of-year shindig a collaborative affair by holding a cabaret. Give employees the option of performing in teams or as a solo act, and offer prizes to get everyone into the competitive spirit. For those who aren’t fans of the limelight, task them with being in charge of the bar, popcorn machine (you can hire one here), or as ushers. Use a conference room as the ‘auditorium’ and line up seats to resemble a theatre. Be sure to pre-book our office cleaning services , which include professional carpet and upholstery cleaning to mop up all those popcorn crumbs and any accidental spillage.
  1. De-bug your karaoke night

Exercise your vocal chords and let the inner Celine Dion in you shine. Most cities have a karaoke bar that accepts group bookings, but to save on venue costs, hire a karaoke machine and have your party in-house. Make sure you don’t have any uninvited guests in the form of cockroaches or pesky vermin by booking pre-party office cleaning , or pest control   if necessary. Leftover snacks nearly guarantee an ant infestation if left overnight so don’t forget to plan the after-party clean-up.
  1. Dust off the cobwebs for a company dinner dash

One of the most budget-friendly office party ideas, a dinner dash involves far less planning (on your part at least) and gives people a chance to get out of the office too. Take a leaf out of the reality show Come Dine with Me, and draw names to form groups of five people, who’ll each host the group for a starter, palette cleanser, main, and dessert. Have everyone meet back at the office for a prize giving, where you can recognise the staff members who’ve really shone throughout the year.
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Of course you’ll want to ensure your home is spic and span and germ free before you allow your boss and colleagues in. Our cleaning services will get you feeling house proud and happy to entertain guests. Whatever you decide to do for your end of year office celebration, don’t make cleaning up a drag. Tasking staff with tidying up is a sure-fire way to put a damper on even the most imaginative office party idea. Instead, outsource your office cleaning to a professional cleaning services company – they’ll do a much better job than tired staff, and make sure that your office is spotless for the New Year. Contact us today to find out about our cleaning services, and let the celebrations begin! contract cleaning Photo credit- mintmaids
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