Ants are social insects that create colonies and when you see one ant you can be sure there’s an entire colony somewhere nearby. DIY methods of ant control abound in just about every single supermarket and homeware store. Each one claiming that it has the power to eradicate ants and eliminate them from your home. The reality is that you might end up bitterly disappointed. Simply spraying ants with some kind of repellent will only kill a few and you ideally need to destroy the entire colony to be sure that you have rid your premises of these irritating pests.

Ants enter your home because they are foraging for food and water or looking for a new spot to find shelter.

They are tiny and therefore they can enter into your home through the smallest holes and crevices. They are attracted by sweet, protein-rich and greasy foods and if they hit a gold vein of sustenance in your house they set about releasing pheromones that create a trail for the other ants to follow. It’s by following these pheromone trails that you too can eventually find the colony to get rid of, but more often than not, removing a colony and sufficiently creating a pest-free environment requires the input of a professional pest controller.

If you have an ant problem and it’s time to call in the big guns then a professional pest controller is your best bet.

They will be able to perform a thorough inspection that will identify where the colonies can be found and even track the established routes that the ants are travelling. In this way they can identify what it is in your home that is attracting the ants and creating the problem. An integrated pest management system should be put in place for you to rest easy about not having another ant problem any time soon.
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You can often find ants crawling along the edges of your carpets, windows and doors and of course, most often in the kitchen.

A professional pest controller will treat all the ants found crawling around your premises as well as those outside and the nest – this will eradicate the pest completely. While ants are mostly a pest because they invade your home and interior environment they are also often found crawling on your foundation walls, in wood piles or rotten wood and in areas of vegetation and mulch.

DIY ant control methods are not a long term solution to an ant problem. While they may sort it out for now, the ants are likely to return.

The best way to eradicate an ant problem is to call in an expert who can offer a comprehensive range of ant control insecticides that will address any type of ant species and give you peace of mind. An expert pest controller will also be able to spot an ant infestation in its early stages which means that you can prevent the colony from growing or prevent one from starting altogether. For more assistance with any of your pest control concerns please contact a branch of The Specialists nearest to you. request-a-pest-control-quote
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