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How toxic are your household cleaning supplies? Insight comes with experience and time. After three decades as a leader in the SA cleaning industry - we know cleaning, and we understand the facts and myths about eco-friendly household cleaning supplies. 1) Eco Friendly Cleaning Products are more expensive Read more at: Everyone tells you their products provide the “Best Value for Money”. How can you check if this true? Cost in use calculations help ensure that the end result actually achieves the best value for money. To demonstrate, we have compared our products to some of the “best value” products available in the market. Here is one example: A 750ml general purpose cleaner with ammonia will cost you R21,95. The product’s dilution ration is 1:1, which means the cost per litre adds up to R29,27 per litre. The value comparison with Bioklenz, an eco-friendly multi-purpose cleaner with no ammonia, is staggering. Bioklenz is available at a cost of R59,99 for one litre, which may seem prohibitively expensive at first glance. However, taking into consideration that the dilution rate is 1:10 – you pay only R6,00 per litre; a saving of almost 400%! 2) Eco Friendly Cleaning Products don’t really benefit my health Many off-the-shelf household cleaning products contain chemicals which may cause allergies and other illnesses. When it comes to humans, the use of any one cleaning product—green or conventional—in small amounts and with proper ventilation probably won't make you ill; however, eliminating the use of cleaning products in your home that have the potential to harm you and your family’s health may be one of the best precautionary steps you can take.
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Consider your products’ brand promise. For instance, The Specialists’ product guidelines specify that ingredients in our products must not be toxic to the user either immediately or when used over time and must not contribute to environmental problems. 3) Eco Friendly Cleaning Products have a tiny impact on the environment The major concern with cleaning products is the chemicals they contain. These chemicals may take a long time to degrade into harmless products – while some may not break down at all but persist in the environment. Most environmentally friendly household cleaning supplies range from eco-friendly to 100% non-hazardous, non-toxic and/or biodegradable. Green products also reduce carbon footprint (won’t contribute to global warming, ozone layer depletion, aquatic toxicity or air pollution) and in addition, it helps to eliminate the need for toxic chemicals and special handling procedures. Shift your mind. Shift your lifestyle. Know the facts - visit for more information.
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