You get home one day only to look down and realise that your once-cream-coloured carpets are looking a bit on the brown side lately. It’s no surprise – carpets are incredibly susceptible to spots & stains caused by spills, pets, or dirt dragged in from the outside – especially after a particularly dry and dusty winter season. But how do you restore your carpets to their former glory? There are many arguments around whether homeowners should opt for professional carpet cleaning services vs. the DIY approach. We’ve outlined some of these arguments below so that you can decide for yourself.


If you clean your own carpets, it’s highly likely that you’ll be using some sort of carpet vacuuming or steam cleaning machine and carpet stain (change: spot) removal products that you found at your local DIY store. The upside of hiring a professional carpet cleaning company is that they bring in advanced carpet cleaning equipment and products designed to provide a safer cleaning result. There are generally two types of professional carpet cleaning methods: Wet carpet cleaning – This is where your carpet is vacuumed, treated, thoroughly shampooed and dried, giving your carpet the ultimate deep clean. Dry carpet cleaning – This method uses a dry chemical solution after vacuuming the carpet. When applied to the carpet, the dirt and grime bond to the solution, and then the solution is vacuumed out of the carpet.  


A common misconception is that getting a company to clean your carpets for you is ridiculously expensive. True, you will find some carpet cleaning service providers that charge an arm and a leg, but if you do some shopping around, you’ll find a service that matches your needs and your budget.
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Considering that you only need to clean your carpets deep once or twice a year, having it done right is definitely worth the cost.  


Step 1: Contact The Specialists to get your carpet professionally cleaned. Step 2: Sit back and relax while your carpets get the best cleaning it’s ever had. What’s easier than that? Nothing beats the convenience of someone doing it all for you.  


While the DIY method works to eliminate odours and suck up surface dust and dirt particles – which is fine once in a while, especially if you have indoor pets or if your carpet is prone to regular spills and accidents – you will never be able to get the deep cleaning result that a professional carpet cleaner can provide. What’s more – how sure are you that the chemicals in your products are safe? The Specialists use only safe, environmentally friendly products to protect you and your home. Ready to get a quote for professional carpet cleaning services? Contact The Specialists today.
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