The return of spring signals many things: warmer temperatures, blooming foliage, the all too familiar call of hadidas, and of course, spring-cleaning season. Indeed, there’s nothing like the beauty of nature to wake us up from hibernation and dust off the (literal) cobwebs of winter. Spring-cleaning is not just for the home, though – it’s also the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate the office to create a productive, safer and overall happier space for your employees. We’ve put together a complete office spring-cleaning checklist with some helpful tips to put you on your way to a cleaner, tidier, more organised business environment.  

Around the workspace

Set some time aside and get everyone to clean his or her own workstation. We’re not just talking about straightening a few papers here and there – get them really stuck in by setting up a ‘desk cleaning to do list’:
  • Remove everything from your desk, including stationery, photos, plants and any other knick knacks, and reorganise your desk from scratch, getting rid of any unnecessary clutter as you go.
  • Go through papers, files and drawers and throw out anything that’s no longer needed or that is outdated.
  • Use microfiber cloths, sanitising wipes or electrostatic dusters to wipe down desks, screens, armrests, phones and keyboards.

In the Kitchen / Break Room

The office kitchen is where most of the clearing and decluttering needs to happen before the deep cleaning can really begin. Remember that tuna egg sandwich that has been hanging around the bottom shelf for the past 5 months? Now’s the time to get rid of it.
  • Empty the fridge, throw away any expired food and clean the shelves before putting back only what is necessary.
  • Encourage employees to sort through the cupboards and take home anything that doesn’t need to be there, including Tupperware, extra cups and bowls.
  • Give the coffee maker, microwave and any other appliances a good scrub to remove any dirt and grime that has built up over time.
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The Computer Clean

Your computer is just as much a part of your workspace than any other, and you’ll be surprised at how much dirt and dust can accumulate and potentially damage your desktop computer if left uncleaned for long periods of time.
  • Clean the dust from under your keyboard’s keys with a can of compressed air
  • Wipe the screen gently with cleaning solution and a light damp (drip free) microfiber cloth
  • Declutter cables using binder clips, cable organisers or cable ties
  • Get inside your PC to remove dust particles from the fans, CPU and power supply unit (Caution: this may take some technical skill)
For a disinfected and an even cleaner office, however, you might want to invest in a professional office cleaning company that will make sure your office is spic-and-span all year round.    (added the disinfecting as its very relevant) Contact The Specialists for professional office cleaning services that make spring-cleaning a breeze.
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