‘Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup’. For most, this is the oldest joke in the book, but for restaurateurs and other foodservice businesses, it’s no laughing matter.

Flies are a major menace during the warmer summer months between October and March.  Flies are more than just a nuisance, though. They are among the filthiest of pests, and carry diseases that can pose a serious health hazard to people.

A persistent fly infestation problem in any type of commercial business environment will not only put off customers, but also jeopardise food safety.

Underestimating the need for commercial pest control could be to the detriment of your business’s hygiene levels and reputation.

Let’s take a closer look at the potential threats that businesses face when flies invade.  

Flies are drawn by food and poor hygiene:

Flies are attracted to restaurants and food establishments for a number of reasons. An abundance of food odours, both from rotting food waste and exposed food, make it the perfect opportunity for flies to seek shelter.

Your business could be at risk if proper standards of food hygiene and storage are not followed.  

Flies multiply fast:

Flies breed rapidly and in the ideal conditions (environment and temperature), what started out as a couple of flies could turn into a massive fly population within a matter of days

A female fly can produce up to 1000 eggs in its lifetime, which hatch into tiny white maggots. As only 15% of the total fly population is adult at any one time, killing adult flies alone will do little to control the problem effectively.
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 Flies are costly (in more ways than one):

 If you run a food establishment or catering business, a large fly infestation could present a potentially serious health hazard, one that health regulators don’t take lightly. Even a small infestation could lead to costly fines.

 Not only that, flies could have a detrimental impact on your brand image, resulting in lost customers who may spread the word, affecting your reputation and your bottom line.  

 Stay ahead of fly problems

 Once they’re in, flies may be difficult to get rid of, but with the right knowledge of deterrents and control techniques, it’s not impossible.

That being said, if you fall victim to a fly infestation in your restaurant and need assistance getting rid of them, then we highly recommend that you contact us today and we will determine the best solution to your fly problem, using the highest quality fly control products and the safest possible methods.
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