You’ve cleaned your house a million times before, but somehow you just can’t seem to get that as-good-as-new look and smell of a professionally cleaned home. How do they do it? As an experienced cleaning services company, we’re sharing some of the best-kept secrets from our professional house cleaners.
  1. Clean from top to bottom
In this case, the expression ‘from top to bottom’ is not just an idiom; it’s a logical plan of action. Start by dusting ceiling fans, cornices, and the tops of cupboards, and then slowly work your way down to the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping. Doing it this way ensures that all the dust and dirt that you’ve brushed away ultimately lands on the floor (the last thing to be cleaned), instead of an already cleaned surface.
  1. Dust First, then Spray
Instead of going straight for the ‘spray polish and wipe clean’ method, always start with a microfiber duster to remove excess dust. This will ensure that your first wipe of polish doesn’t come away with a mulch of dust and fine particles that could potentially scratch your furniture as you move from surface to surface.
  1. Keep Your Tools at the Ready
How many times have you been cleaning a surface with a cloth, only to come across a stubborn stain that requires more aggressive scrubbing? Cleaning is a multi-tool job – and having everything you need within arms reach can save you a heap of time walking back and forth, whether you make use of a cleaner’s cart or an apron with pockets.
  1. Know Your Cleaning Solutions and reduce the number of products you use.
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There are many different cleaning products that do different things or are better suited for certain surfaces. Knowing which one is which could ensure a spotless finish. Also keep in mind that some household cleaning products contain harmful chemicals that could be bad for you and even damage your furniture if applied incorrectly. The Specialists uses only eco-friendly cleaning products that are non-toxic and are safe for everybody and every surface.
  1. Wipe Surfaces Dry
This applies to bathrooms, the kitchen and all floor surfaces. When you wipe dry surfaces as opposed to letting them air dry, you not only eliminate the possibility of water spots forming, but you also halt the growth of bacteria that could form in standing water.
  1. Get the Moves Right
Effective cleaning is not just about spraying some cleaning solution and randomly rubbing it around with a cloth until your done. Cleaning in a single direction only ensures a more thorough and effective clean – whether from left to right or right to left.
  1. BONUS: Keep White Vinegar Handy
When it comes to cleaning your house efficiently – the way a pro would do it – white vinegar can be your secret weapon. For tough-to-remove watermarks and mineral deposits, this household pantry item will leave your faucets and fixtures shiny as ever. Simply saturate a paper microfiber cloth with white vinegar and place over the deposits. Let it sit for five to 15 minutes, then wipe away. And when nothing else will do – trust the professionals to do it for you The Specialists provide house-cleaning services that deliver value for money and peace of mind knowing that your home always has that professionally cleaned look. Click here to request a quote.
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