No matter where you are, nobody wants to share a room with thousands of invading ants. When it comes to the hospitality industry, an ant infestation is not only unsightly, but also implies unsanitary conditions, which can put off guests and damage your reputation. While most holidaying guests tend to keep common areas clean, they may not be mindful of some of the practices that could attract ants into your establishment, such as improperly sealed food containers and sweet substances left behind on surfaces. This is why a daily cleaning schedule is absolutely vital to prevent an ant invasion. Here are a few things that shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to ant control in hotels and guesthouses. Tip #1: Empty dustbins on a regular basis A dustbin is often full of the things that ants love, including cool drink cans, sticky sweet wrappers, and left over food. All inside dustbins should be emptied every day while outside dustbins should be emptied at least once a week. Be sure to keep them tightly sealed until then to discourage ants from creeping in. Tip #2: Clean appliances and counters thoroughly Toasters, microwaves, kitchen surfaces, stove tops – these are all areas where ant-attracting crumbs and substances accumulate. Make sure that any dishes that have piled up during the night are promptly cleaned and put away, and any water puddles wiped away. Tip #3: Remove and store exposed food If any food has been left out on the counter or any other part of the room, instruct your cleaning staff to either dispose of the food (if it’s not fit for consumption) or store it away in a safe container or cupboard where ants cannot gain access.
Tip #4: Sweep, mop and vacuum floors After changing bed sheets and pillows and wiping down all surfaces – make sure the floors are cleaned properly to pick up any leftover crumbs and particles that may have been dropped for ants to find. Tip #5: Eradicate scents and prevent entry When ants enter a house or room, they leave behind a scent trail for their fellow workers to follow. Spray vinegar wherever an ant may gain entry to erase the scent trail and prevent any further ants from following the path. With a little work, following these tips to prevent ants should help protect your guesthouse or hotel from these troublesome intruders. However, if you already have an infestation, professional ant control methods may be necessary, and The Specialists have the tools necessary to eradicate your ant problem. Contact us for a quote today.
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