A business flourishes when its employees are happy, healthy and productive. For this reason, occupational health and safety has become a more than just a requirement. Yet so many companies overlook the one potential health hazard that could be posing a risk to its employees. The culprit? Dirty carpets and upholstery. While most commercial cleaning services focus on visible surface dirt, many ignore the dust, mould, spores, bacteria and allergens that could be harboured deep within the carpet’s fibre, resulting in poor indoor air quality and exposure to toxins. It may seem far-fetched, but studies show that improperly maintained office carpets could be responsible for increased workplace illnesses and reduced productivity. These are just some of the possible health issues that your employees, clients and visitors might experience if you let your carpets go uncleaned for long periods: Respiratory Illness When inhaled, the bacteria and allergens that build up in the carpet’s surface can cause flu-like symptoms and other respiratory problems. In other instances, this could also trigger asthma attacks in employees. “A study conducted by Kuopio Regional Institute of Occupational Health identifies volatile compounds found in filthy carpets as a definitive cause of asthma for people who don’t have the disease yet.” (LMS Restoration) Skin Irritation & Infection When a person comes into contact with a fungi-infested carpet, couch or other upholstered furniture, they could experience serious skin problems such as rashes, itching, athlete’s foot or skin asthma. Allergies Dirty carpets make the perfect breeding ground for dust mites and other microscopic pests, which are the leading cause of allergic reactions in the home and office. These allergies can manifest as mild symptoms like sneezing and headaches or even fatal anaphylactic reactions in severe cases.
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Higher Stress Levels Prolonged exposure to unclean environments can cause stress levels to rise, which can contribute to a weakened immune system over time, making employees more susceptible to disease and sickness. So what can be done to improve the cleanliness of your office carpets and upholstery? While regular removal of surface dust and allergens is important, deep cleaning your office carpets is also a necessity. For the best results, seek help from a professional carpet cleaning service provider like The Specialists to get the job done right. Contact us today for a free quote.
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